Miami, FL—Mayorga Organics

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In response to recent hurricane damage in Central America,   has committed to donating 100% of its e-commerce revenue between November 18 through the end of the year. The company hopes to raise $200,000, and has already raised $30,000. The funds were used to provide food, water, mattresses, and other necessities to those in need."People in these countries need our support now more than ever. As a Latino who immigrated from these countries, supporting them is a natural response for me. They're my people," said Martin Mayorga, CEO of Mayorga Organics, in a press release. "I started this company 23 years ago with the sole purpose of supporting small, impoverished coffee producers in Latin America that have been ignored and taken advantage for decades. The extractive business model of the traditional coffee industry has caused extreme poverty, and now these communities don't have what we would consider basic resources."