Minneapolis, MN— Cascadian Farm is launching its small-batch, limited-edition Honey Toasted Kernza cereal in order to advance climate-beneficial foods, according to a press release.

The release states that only 6,000 boxes are being released. In order to receive a box, Cascadian Farm is asking customers to join their mission to advance climate-beneficial foods through their fundraising side, DeeplyRootedForGood.com. For a $25 donation, Cascadian Farm will send a box of this cereal, while supplies last. According to the release, all proceeds will benefit The Land Institute for more research on Kernza.

The release states that Kernza is a perennial grain and relative of annual wheat. It benefits the planet by consuming carbon from the air and storing it in the ground. Early research shows that Kernza may help enhance soil health, preserve soil, and reduce nitrogen movement into surface waters and the ground. The release also states that Kernza does not need to be tilled or replanted, which minimizes disruption to soil.

Dr. Lee DeHann, lead scientist for the Kernza domestication program at The Land Institute, said in the release, “Today's food system is faced with challenges from resource scarcity to soil health and water quality. It is estimated that agriculture contributes to about 30 percent of global greenhouse emissions. It has never been more important – or more urgent – to implement farming practices that are climate-beneficial. Kernza has significant potential to redirect the course of climate change and significantly improve planet health."