Boise, ID— Boise-based Impact Group, a leading sales and marketing agency that provides  services to more than 700 consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands will acquire three independent food brokerage companies in Minnesota and Wisconsin: Impact Sales & Associates, Ritt-Beyer & Weir (RBW), and WJ Pence. The additions will increase Impact Group’s Midwest exposure to convenience, natural channel and mass retail. Previous to the acquisition, Impact Group worked closely with all three brokers.

"For nearly 25 years, Impact Group has provided valuable retail relationships, strategic counsel, and industry know-how that has aided the promotion and distribution of thousands of CPG brands Our latest acquisitions present the opportunity for us to accomplish this on a larger scale and with immediate impact,” says Carl Pennington, President and Chief Executive Officer of Impact Group in a press release. “In addition to their impressive track records in the grocery business, Impact Sales & Associates, RBW, and WJ Pence share our commitment to exceptional client service and results."

Impact Sales & Associates is a Minnetonka, Minnesota-based full-service brokerage firm known for its wholesale business model and long-term industry relationships in the Midwestern region. Franklin, Wisconsin-based RBW has a strong presence in Midwestern markets, including Illinois and Ohio and specializes in multiple channels, including conventional, specialty, convenience, mass, and bulk. Wisconsin-based WJ Pence has over 65 years of experience in retail sales and established longstanding relationships with national and regional retailers.

Impact Sales & Associates and RBW worked in partnership with Mueller Yurgae Associates (MYA), a locally-focused Midwest agency that will remain an independent business from Impact Group. Impact Group and MYA are to form a closely-aligned strategic partnership to continue to serve clients and customers in the Midwest.