GNT receives FDA Approval

GNT has received FDA approval for the use of spirulina extract in beverages. The brand has developed a patented formulation technology that allows spirulina extract to remain temperature- and acid-stabilized in beverages. Its EXBERRY Blue Beverage Solution intended for sports, energy, and carbonated drinks, juice drinks, enhanced waters, and alcoholic beverages is below 20% ABV. Prior to this, the Code of Federal Regulations had only allowed the use of spirulina extract as a natural blue coloring ingredient in certain food products and powdered beverages. GNT has now petitioned the FDA to change the regulation to cover all non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages below 20% ABV. The update will come into effect on December 13, 2022 and will allow EXBERRY Blue Beverage Solution to be used as a clean-label replacement for Blue 1 in many drink applications.

Novozymes collaborates on clinical trial

Novozymes announced the testing of a novel, non-invasive technology in a clinical trial. The project will apply LinusBio’s environmental biodynamics platform, enabling detailed temporal mapping of harmful compound exposure, to a clinical trial of probiotics sponsored by Novozymes’ human health unit, Novozymes OneHealth. The clinical trial will assess exposure to heavy metals, such as lead, and a broad range of environmental pollutants. LinusBio will conduct a comprehensive study examining lead and other harmful chemical levels. Utilizing a single strand of hair, LinusBio’s proprietary exposome and biological response sequencing platform can generate data similar to several hundred liquid biopsies and reconstruct the subjects’ exposure to environmental toxicants over time. The study will be conducted in Mexico.

Columbia Grain expands capacity

Columbia Grain shared the news that it is set to launch its Retail Products Group and expanded capacity as a supplier partner for private label brands. Columbia Grain has been around for 40 years and has strong connections with over 8,000 U.S. farmers. Columbia Grain product include green lentils, chickpeas/garbanzo beans, pinto beans, black beans, navy beans, great northern beans, red kidney beans, green split peas, and other custom options are available. Their diverse packaging options include traditional pillow packs, side Gusset stand-up packages for improved visibility and messaging, resealable stand-up Pouch Pantry Packs, in sizes from 1 pound to 20 pounds.

Bobo's launches new wind-powered facility

Bobo's launched a state-of-the-art, wind-powered production facility in Loveland, CO.  To help meet growing customer demand, the 123,000-square-foot facility will increase Bobo's production of its bars, bites, and toaster pastries by more than 3x while also reducing the company's carbon footprint. Bobo's seeks to achieve carbon neutrality by December 2022.

First Milk partners with Arla Foods

First Milk announced that it has entered a new partnership with Arla Foods Ingredients to produce a specialist whey protein powder at its Lake District Creamery. Protein enrichment of food remains a growing consumer trend. The innovative patented microparticulate whey protein concentrate product, Nutrilac FO-7875, developed by Arla Foods Ingredients, is used as an ingredient to enhance the level of protein in food and drink products whilst retaining texture and taste. First Milk will manufacture Nutrilac FO-7875 on behalf of Arla Foods Ingredients using the company’s proprietary process, with Arla Foods Ingredients marketing and selling the product internationally. In addition, First Milk will continue to manufacture whey protein concentrate powder, WPC80, and market it through its existing partnership.

IFF Health partners with GenM to support women's health

IFF Health shared the news of its partnership with GenM. This alliance allows IFF Health to accelerate global awareness of the menopausal journey. In addition, it provides comprehensive, targeted solutions for brands and consumers. It is estimated that one billion women worldwide will be going through menopause by 2025. IFF is committed to helping food supplement brand owners reach this audience, spread awareness of the end-to-end menopausal journey, and provide dietary supplements to help with symptoms that accompany menopause.

Honest to Goodness expands, announces Morning Mantra series 

Honest to Goodness celebrates its new creamer flavor releases and grocery expansion with a search for its first ever Karma Koach to narrate its upcoming Morning Mantra Series, an experience that will fire up the senses and transport viewers around the world. The winner will receive a trip to one of the global locations that inspired the brand’s creamer flavors. Further, the winner will receive a year’s supply of Honest to Goodness creamer, in addition to being the uplifting voice of the Morning Mantra videos. The brand introduces two new dairy creamers, Chantilly Cream and Sri Lankan Cinnamon Brown Sugar. The creamers are available in-store at Whole Foods, Sprouts and other natural retailers nationwide.

Tokiwa receives patent for turmeric ingredient + shares research

Tokiwa’s Sirtmax Black Turmeric Ingredient Now Clinically Supported for Alleviating Dry Eye and More. It received a brand-new U.S. patent issued for Sirtmax—an extract derived from black turmeric. The science behind the new patent demonstrated the clinical efficacy of Sirtmax for increasing tear fluid, an issue of particular interest to elderly and hyperglycemic individuals suffering from dry eyes.  Research has already shown the anti-aging benefits of Sirtmax in boosting levels of SIRT1 five times more effectively than resveratrol. Known as the 'longevity gene,' SIRT1 recharges mitochondria, the energy factories of cells that can slow down as people get older. A double-blind, placebo-controlled human study found that Sirtmax:· Caused a reduction in body weight*, · Helped maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range* · Decreased the production of metabolic waste products, called AGEs*, · Showed a trend toward improvement in arterial flexibility*.

Sarilla sponsors Fair Trade Finals

Sarilla is sponsoring Fair Trade Finals in partnership with the national Fair Trade University program. The Fair Trade University program’s goal of making fair trade products like Sarilla available on campuses means that students will have a healthy and purpose-driven drink option to power them through the day. The original recipe, made with lemons, organic black and silver tea was a SOFI 2020 winner for Best New RTD. It is now available in nearly 500 stores and on multiple campuses, such as: Wellesley College, UNC Asheville, Warren Wilson, Wake Forest and Elon. Its beverages are free of pesticides, alcohol, and refined sugar.