Milton Keynes, UK—Since the start of the pandemic, consumers have become increasingly interested in supplements that provide immunity benefits, and experts at Clasado suggest that prebiotics have large expansion potential post-pandemic, making this an area of opportunity for product developers, formulators, and suppliers. 

“While we’re not quite ‘post-pandemic’ yet, we’re definitely seeing the market adapting to new needs and demands,” Doug King, Director of Sales North America at Clasado, noted. “One of the most pronounced changes is that consumers are far more aware of supporting their immune health and brands are responding accordingly. Interestingly, consumers are also aware of their own knowledge gaps in this regard, which gives prebiotics a huge amount of potential for formulators.” 

King added, “Numerous studies have highlighted that a healthy, diverse and well-supported gut microbiome has major benefits in supporting immune health and excitingly for product developers, we’re only scratching the surface in terms of delivery method. Consumers are becoming more in tune with how to manage their everyday health proactively and supplements that support immune function through microbiome modulation look set to be the way forward."

Clasado shared that its prebiotic ingredient Bimuno, a galactooligosaccharide (GOS) backed by 20 clinical trials, shows results for immune health. Given the demand for immune- and gut-benefiting products, the company plans to continue to increase its availability, in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and more.

King concluded, “We’ve passed a major tipping point in immune health—the consumer is more engaged than ever before and is proactively seeking ways to support the body’s defenses. Beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome, such as bifidobacteria—nourished by Bimuno—can support the immune system. Factor in that prebiotics are stable and simple to formulate with, and there’s no doubt we are seeing the dawn of major change. Prebiotic supplements designed to support immune function are on the up!” 

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