MegaFood has launched “What Matters,” a storytelling series intended to reframe conversations around how we value and prioritize personal and planetary health.

“What Matters” consists of a series of conversations hosted by Erin Stokes, N.D., Medical Director at MegaFood, featuring guests including Bethany Davis, Director of Social Impact, MegaFood; Ann-Marie Hourigan, Quality Standards Principal Advisor, Whole Foods Market; Kathryn Kellogg, sustainability and zero-waste advocate; Ally Love, CEO and Founder of Love Squad; and Kanchan Koya, Ph.D., Founder of Spice Spice Baby. The conversations cover topics ranging from regenerative agriculture to everyday tips for reducing food waste.

To find out what exactly matters to Americans today, MegaFood conducted a survey through OnePoll of 2,000 people, which discovered that nearly 75% of Americans are looking to prioritize their health more than they have in the past, and that the past 18 months have given them the chance to focus on health.

"This survey provided valuable insight into what matters most to Americans," said Dr. Stokes in the press release. "What's particularly interesting about these results is that we're no longer sustaining our health and well-being at just a surface-level. Americans—from millennials to GenXers to baby boomers—are looking at their health and well-being holistically, from what they eat to how they spend their free time."

More highlights:
  • 74% of respondents consider mental and emotional health to be just as important as physical health
  • 88% of respondents have developed a variety of new healthy habits during the past 18 months
  • 43% are exercising more
  • 42% are eating healthier foods
  • 37% are focusing on relationships with friends and family
  • 27% are starting therapy
  • 78% agreed that it’s important we address the health of our soil in order to grow more nutritious foods
  • 75% care about climate-friendly farming practices
"We're glad the survey results showed how many Americans are aware of the soil crisis and the need to focus on the health of our planet," Davis. "At MegaFood, we are on a mission to support what matters most to us: nourishing the soil for quality ingredients and supporting our farm system to grow a healthier world for people and the planet."

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Furthering its commitment to a healthy planet, the “What Matters” series is also raising awareness and funds for the Women’s Earth Alliance, an organization that catalyzes women-led, grassroots solutions to protect the environment, support farmers, and strengthen communities. MegaFood is donating $30,000 to this organization.

"In terms of shifting our behavior when it comes to regenerative agriculture, I think one of the best things we can do is find a local farm and join their CSA Program,” said Kellogg. “That way, we can support these farmers and ensure that they're going to thrive and make sure these practices will be around for a long time to come."

The first episode is available nowon MegaFood’s Instagram.