Jill Daigneault. Image courtesy of Bluebonnet Nutrition.

Bluebonnet Nutrition has announced the passing of Jill Daigneault, a valued member of the Bluebonnet sales team since 2018.

Pat Hessler, Director of Sales, stated: “When Bob Barrows and I first met Jill during her interview, just over 3 years ago, we were struck by her quiet confidence. She had unusual intensity and direct eye contact during our conversations and you knew she was really listening to you. It did not take long for Jill to make a significant impact on our business.

“Jill showed herself to be one of the most sincere yet independent persons we have had the pleasure to know and work beside. She succeeded professionally with our company, becoming one of the best and trusted sales representatives we ever had.

“Jill was a success at her job for the same reasons she was a success in life. She cared deeply and people sensed it. She had a sense of pride and persistence and never quit on anything she set her mind to. Yet just when you thought she was a really serious person, her quirky sense of humor would pop up and her laugh would always make me smile.

“Anyone who had the opportunity to know Jill should consider themselves lucky.”