San Diego, CA—Star Manufacturing has launched Star Organics, a nutraceutical division that will manufacture chewable tablets, effervescents, gummies, liquid capsules, oral film strips, tinctures, and two-piece capsules. Star Organics plans to incorporate branded ingredients including Organic Eldermune Elerberry and BerryShield Elderberry from INS Farms, and Organic Cran Naturelle Cranberry from Fruit d’Or.

“Whether it is to build e-commerce sales or support brick-and-mortar, Star Organics is positioned to provide superior service and expertise to customers at all levels, including helping the small and midsized companies turn best-in-class products and help them grow to the next level,” said Mark Forester, Owner of Star Manufacturing, in a press release. “Every customer will find that service, quality, and integrity are the cornerstones of our company.”

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The cGMP, Non-GMO, certified organic manufacturer works with brands that offer science-based ingredients that are established in research and backed by clinical studies, the company says. Further, their desire is to work with manufactures and suppliers that are vertically integrated and assure quality control from start to finish. The company operates with on site lab for formulations and stability testing.

"All ingredients are authenticated with the trustworthy TRU-ID certification program," the company said in a press release. "The bio-markers are analyzed and fingerprinted using avant-garde testing tools, sophisticated technology, and advanced equipment to prevent adulteration and to deliver ingredients as pure and natural as possible."