South Plainfield, NJ—For 30 years,WholeFoodsMagazine has honored natural product retailers with its annual Retailer of the Year award. This year, the honor goes to Weavers Way Co-op. A driving principle: “Our food represents our values, as well as our hopes and aspirations for our community and our region. By the simple act of buying food, we’re supporting local farmers, local purveyors and the local economy.”

Weavers Way has three main locations in Pennsylvania. The first location opened for business in 1973 in Mt. Airy. After decades of business “pains and gains,” a second location, Weavers Way Chestnut Hill, opened in 2010, followed by Weavers Way Ambler in October 2017. Today, those locations are helping to ensure that their communities have access to products that support wellness, offering peace of mind during the pandemic.

Weavers Way opened its first location in 1973, and now has three main locations in Pennsylvania.

“The Co-op is an anchor of the Mt. Airy neighborhood around Carpenter and Greene, a vibrant part of Chestnut Hill’s shopping district, and a growing presence in Ambler, as well as a growing influence in the discussion on local products, urban agriculture and access to healthy food,” Weavers Way shares on its website. “Co-op membership has increased to more than 9,000 households, representing more than 20,000 people.”

Beyond offering a welcoming place to buy products that support a healthy lifestyle, Weavers Way supports the community with outreach and events. Just a few of the events on the schedule for September:
  • Anti-Racist Action Planning: A Guide to Targeted and Persistent Resistance
  • Fourth Annual Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival —Virtual Event
  • Live-streaming Community Relief Concert Series
In next month’s issue, learn more about how Weavers Way is committed to a triple bottom line, making business decisions that aren’t just based on profit, but focused on what’s best for the community and the planet. Join us in honoring their efforts.