Parsippany, NJ—Experts from MegaRed spent the summer talking to local residents in Newport, Rhode Island, a fishing community, and testing their Omega-3 Index (O3I). Their finding, according to a press release: the average O3I among 234 individuals was 5.2%, well below the optimal 8%. The release notes that this falls in line with research showing that 98% of Americans have omega-3 levels below the optimal range, regardless of whether or not they eat a balanced diet.

The community discussion was part of an educational campaign from MegaRed titled "Omega Town." It was intended to raise awareness regarding the importance of omega-3s and of ingesting enough omegas, whether in food form or pill form.
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“We know the general public wants to be in control of their own wellness," said Gregory Chabidon, VP & GM, Global Vitamins Minerals Supplements at RB, "yet many are unaware of how difficult it is to consume enough omega-3s—no matter where you live and how health-conscious you are.”

Cardiologist Suzanne Steinbaum, DO, added: “The omega-3 test results in Newport reflect a national trend and should be a wake-up call for many health conscious Americans. So many of us who think we are getting all of our nutrients from our diet alone may be wrong. Just like you know your cholesterol or blood pressure, it’s important to know your omega-3 levels, and make changes if you are low.”