“Here in Sarasota, Florida, we have the best small, local grocery store ever—Detwiler’s Farm Market,” says Sarah Kitlowski, President of Omeza LLC, and shopper at Detwiler’s. “They are just amazing—farm fresh veggies (most local, many organic), fresh meats and cheeses and baked goods, everything seasonal and so fresh, super duper affordable, and so friendly. They are family owned and so loved in the community that they keep opening little stores!”

Detwiler’s first opened as a roadside stand in 2002 and eventually opened its first flagship store in Sarasota in 2008. Today, Henry and Natalie Detwiler and their nine children have 5 stores in the area. “We began from humble roots, selling fresh fruits and veggies on the side of the road,” they share on theirwebsite. “Then we decided to take our little farm market to the next level.”

Another draw, according to the site: The Wellness department, which is one of their  fastest growing departments. “Buying supplements online is sometimes an economical option, but shopping with some internet retailers is like buying medicine in the Wild West—There’s a lot of snake oil out there!” they share. “The ingredients and raw materials may be of poor quality and are often not effectively absorbed in the body. On top of that, you generally end up overpaying. Even though we’re a family owned brick-and-mortar store, we strive to be price competitive with even the biggest internet retailers!”

For Sarah, Detwiler’s was a “game-changer” when she decided to start a plant-based diet. “Instead of artificially grown vegetables at crazy high prices from questionable sources, I can get a weeks’ worth of groceries—fresh as can be—for a quarter of the cost of the grocery store,” she says. “At Detwiler’s, there aren’t artificial junk food or convenience food options to distract or tempt me. It's good for the body, and good for the psyche!”

Plus, Sarah appreciates the farm-stand style: “Nothing’s artificially wrapped up in excess plastic or packaging.”

The family owned and operated small-grocery chain operates with a community mentality, too. Being able to talk and have a conversation with the store workers is important to Sarah.  “The hum and buzz of the market does really feel like a community family," she says. “It makes grocery shopping fun.”