Selection and convenience have kept Maggie Keith, 4th generation steward of Kentucky-based Foxhollow Farm, coming back to Rainbow Blossom since she was a child. “My grandmother shopped at Rainbow Blossom, and when I moved back from college, I lived right near the St. Mathews location,” she says. “It’s been my main grocery store ever since.” As a gluten-free shopper and mother, Maggie is able to find everything she needs at Rainbow. “I love local veggies and meats. We also like the organic kid’s foods like organic apple sauce, local maple syrup, local honey, and Annie’s Mac and Cheese, which is a big hit in our household.”

Also showering some love on Rainbow Blossom is Erin Trager-Kusman, a travel advisor with Smartflyer, based in Louisville. “Rainbow Blossom seriously makes life convenient and shopping so enjoyable,” says Erin. “I go there every day–not an exaggeration–because I know it will be a pleasant and easy experience.”

Rainbow Blossom is locally minded, Maggie adds; the business supports local farmers. Taking part in Dare to Care Food Bank and Global Independent Business Association, Maggie has seen firsthand how Rainbow Blossom stays involved in the community. Erin seconds that: “Rainbow donates to 150-200 different organizations every year. They have partnerships with several different organizations including the Food Literacy Project, Louisville Grows, Slow Food Bluegrass, Tip it Forward, and more. Plus, they are involved with community outreach and personal/business involvement with Olmsted, LPM, LIBA and the Community Foundation. Rainbow also participates in drives and programming with Catholic charities and Volunteers of America every year.”

More than anything, Rainbow Blossom is known for its warm environment. “Everyone is really friendly and helps you out,” says Maggie. “They always have staff picks, which I appreciate. They also have samples and health fairs that are themed and discuss topics like gluten-free, kid’s snacks, and farmer’s celebration, which is fun.”

Erin feels the difference, too. “When I walk in, everyone knows my name and is so friendly. I look forward to seeing the employees as much as I do shopping! I can trust everything that is there because of the high standards they keep. I don’t have to worry about produce not being organic or reading all the labels. I know they have done that for me.”