Mumbai, India—Nutriventia'ssustained-release Prolanza ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is backed by astudyshowing its superior absorption, according to the company. In the study, the pharmacokinetics, safety, and tolerability in equi-dose format compared 600mg of Prolanza sustained release capsules containing 30 mg withanolides with 600mg of another ashwagandha extract. The research showed that Prolanza ashwagandha exhibited a higher relative absorption, better bioavailability, and longer elimination half-life than the control ingredient, indicating a sustained-release profile, the company reported. Specifically, the study found, “the relative bioavailability of the test formulation was 12, 44, and 11 times higher for total withanolides, withanolide A and 12-deoxywithastramonolide, respectively.”

The sustained-release profile of the test product, compared to reference product, will provide longer-lasting therapeutic effects from a single daily dose, according to the company. Nutriventia added that the pharmacokinetic study reports for first time, the successful plasma estimation of withanolide A and 12-deoxywithastraamonolide, the major phytoactives of ashwagandha.

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“As ashwagandha is primarily consumed for its adaptogenic and stress response-reduction properties, the longer duration of Prolanza’s therapeutic effects will provide a stronger cumulative health value,” said Anand Godbole, Nutriventia Vice President of Marketing, in a press release. Consumers are looking for efficient products that will make their lives even a little easier. Prolanza provides that, plus convenience for our customers. Now with our clinical study showing adaptogenic support for a prolonged period, it makes Prolanza an ideal ingredient to help manage the grind of daily stress more efficiently. Consumers will be able to enjoy a higher sense of well-being and good health sooner with Prolanza sustained-release ashwagandha.”
A complete Prolanza toxicology report and safety data to assure its safety, as well as self-affirmed GRAS information are available from Nutriventia.