Brisbane, AustraliaUrology researchers at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland, investigated the branded dietary supplement ingredient Urox with a self-funded, independent Mechanism of Action studypublished in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences. The study looked at the efficacy of Urox in reversing retinyl acetate (RA)-induced overactive bladder (OAB) in rats. According to a press release, the researchers had previously established this RA-induced OAB model can be reversed with the administration of oxybutynin chloride, a common anticholinergic/antimuscarinic medication for urinary incontinence and overactive bladder.

The result of the new study: 100% of induced overactive bladder effects were reversed on a biochemical and cystometric level by Urox.

As outlined in the release:

  • Direct proof of the action of Urox on the bladder detrusor muscle stability was the ability of Urox to lower the DOI (detrusor overactivity index). Unstable detrusor contractions in the urine storage period is traditionally used to diagnose OAB. (Zapala et al)
  • Safety of Urox is supported by the lack of diuretic or cardiovascular effects in this study, and further evidence suggested that Urox does not compromise normal voiding.
  • Urox was potent in its ability to reverse the biochemical and cystometric changes characteristic of OAB.
  • Urox was determined to be a reasonable strategy as a future pharmacological treatment for patients with OAB.
  • This Mechanism of Action study on Urox adds to the growing body of peer-reviewed published research that includes two large scale adult RDBPCT studies, and placebo-controlled children’s bedwetting trial, which in addition to completed toxicology, is building confidence in this evidence-based solution for healthy bladder control.
Bladder control expert Dr. Tracey Seipel, founder, CEO, and head formulator of the Seipel Group, which supplies Urox, was not involved with this latest study, but offered expertise to helps illuminate the research.

“This independent Mechanism of Action (MOA) study confirms what I expected when designing the Urox ingredient formula,” Dr. Seipel states. “As a practitioner and formulator, I developed Urox with a holistic approach, taking into consideration the multiple contributing factors for healthy bladder function including the bladder detrusor muscle, pelvic floor muscles, bladder lining, collagen strength, bladder nerve function and normal effects of aging on the bladder. I selected and researched the herbal extracts based on traditional use and my clinical experience, and refined the formula with substantive research, so it’s no surprise that this research verifies my understanding of how Urox works.  What is surprising, is that with limited European distribution we had no idea that the Medical University of Warsaw was studying our material. The results could not be more encouraging for the future of Urox.

“Healthy bladder control is important at all ages, for both men and women, and especially in later years," Dr. Seipel continued. "Until we, or someone close, are affected, we do not appreciate how poor bladder control can drastically, negatively impact quality of life.”


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