Madrid, Spain—Pharmactive Biotech Products has announced a new clinical study showing that its branded aged black garlic product ABG+ can balance blood pressure in individuals with moderately elevated cholesterol levels.

Published in Nutrients,the randomized, double-blind, crossover-controlled intervention included 67 hypercholesterolemic volunteers with relatively high blood LDL levels. Each participant consumed 250mg ABG+ or a placebo for six weeks, with a three-week washout period before crossover. Subjects were also assigned a diet that excluded lipo-lowering and anti-hypertensive foods.

The study found that, after six weeks, ABG+ extract significantly reduced diastolic blood pressure, by an average of 5.85mm Hg compared to the placebo. “A reduction of just 5mm Hg of diastolic blood pressure lowers substantially the risk of stroke and other vascular events,” explained Alberto Espinel, Head of R&D for Pharmactive, in a press release.

Espinel continued: “Aged black garlic has long been regarded as a culinary delicacy and integral component of the Asian diet, as well as a tool to maintain health. Empirical evidence is unfolding on the beneficial effects of black garlic on cardiovascular health. However, the magnitude of its effect depends on the amount and type of chemical compounds accumulated during the aging process and the ability to extract and preserve those compounds during processing.”

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Aged black garlic is traditionally produced by aging whole bulbs of fresh garlic at high humidity and temperatures for a few weeks, resulting in a dark-colored, jellylike, sweeter garlic, in which compounds including allicin are diminished, and a complex of soluble polyphenols is increased. Those polyphenols, including S-allyl-L-cysteine, are believed to be the source of aged black garlic’s cardioprotective qualities. The press release notes that ABG+ extract is standardized to 1.25mg S-allyl-L-cysteine polyphenols.

“This is some of the first evidence emerging on the blood pressure-balancing effect of an ABG+ extract, as a natural alternative, in a population where the strategies of intervention are based on diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” Espinel said. “Importantly, its positive effects were achieved following a simple protocol of consuming one ABG+ extract tablet daily.”

Pharmactive has plans for further clinical studies focusing on the ability of ABG+ extract to manage blood pressure.