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Why are mornings so hard for some people?

This is the question we are going to answer. We will explore some of the reasons why people may have this issue. Low energy in the morning is common. There are some people who simply are slower to rev up and this is their natural state. There are people who thrive as night owls and this is their natural state. So this discussion is for those who have trouble sleeping and/or difficult mornings. If you have challenging mornings this interview will help you consider some of the most common possibilities.
  • Do genetics play a role? If you are just not a morning person, could that be genetic and if so, are we stuck with what our genes proscribe?
  • What are the environmental and/or lifestyle factors that can affect sleep quality? Dr. Rhéaume discusses some of the easy to implement solutions. Think light, sound, temperature, devices etc. Sometimes this can make the biggest difference so don’t underestimate their impact.
  • Stress and anxiety can play a profound role and must be addressed. Stress makes every worse. Include stress management as one of your goals.
  • Adrenal health and liver function can also play a role. Nutritional supplements can provide nutrients for adrenal and liver support.
  • What if you are sleeping well and still have low energy?
  • What about coffee, caffeine or other stimulants? Why are these sometimes a concern and what are good alternatives?
  • How is energy generated in the body? What factors contribute to a lack of cellular energy?
  • Is supplemental iron a good idea if you have low energy? Only if you have iron deficiency.