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If you take pharmaceutical meds, you need to know this.

In this interview, Ross Pelton, the Natural Pharmacist, discusses the risk of drug induced nutrient depletions. This is a serious issue for everyone who uses medications. Many if not most medications carry the risk of side effects and nutrient depletions. These risks are not usually shared with patients and they are not usually defined by the drug companies.

Ross is the author of the bookThe Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook, which is unfortunately out-of-print. Ross has created an 18 page report of his most important recommendations.CLICK HEREto go to the download link for this report.

This is so important on several levels:
  • First – For those who need ongoing medication and/or multiple medications, the risk of nutrient deficiency is a serious complication. Chronic lack of essential nutrients can cause additional problems.
  • Second – These additional problems may not be easily identified and may occur days, weeks or months later as these effects become greater and more impactful. Additional problems can lead to more medications.
  • Third – Many people are over medicated. Many people take medications that will not provide the promised benefits. We have discussed this in several important interviews. CLICK HERE for my most important podcast on why Americans are over-medicated.
Drug induced nutrient depletions are common for thousands of drugs. Ross’ report can get you started on understanding which classes of drugs have this potential, what are the important nutrient depletions and what negative effects this can have on human health. You need take responsibility to protect yourself. Don’t count on the doctors or drug companies to guide you.

Become informed by reading the drug facts provided by the manufacturer. Your pharmacist can provide this for you. Especially look for drug and/or nutrient interactions. Review reliable online resources such as The Natural Pharmacist to expand your understanding of the risks associated with your medications. Ross’ report will give you a good foundation to get started.

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