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In this interview with Dr. Parris Kidd you will learn about the benefits of GlyceroPhosphoCholine (GPC) and other brain support nutrients.

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In this interview with Dr. Parris Kidd, you will learn about the benefits of GlyceroPhosphoCholine (GPC) and other brain support nutrients. We now know that the brain is more fluid and malleable than previously thought. Brain structure and function can change and improve. Dr. Kidd describes the benefits of GPC for brain energy. This has important implications for people of all ages. It can be especially meaningful for people recovering from strokes and for older people experiencing memory loss and the dementia of aging. He suggests there may be some benefit for autistic children.

brain supportThe specific nutrients recommended by Dr. Kidd are GPC, phosphotydlserine (PS), acetyl l-carnitine, omega-3 and B vitamins. It is critical to recognize that nutrients do not treat or cure disease. When you think of nutrients as drugs to fix your problems then you are missing the real power of nutrition. The simple, but profound, truth is that nutrients are the key molecules that your body can use to manage all functions of life. When given the right nutrients, your body can do profound and amazing things. Drugs are not nutrients and nutrients are not drugs. Do not confuse the two. Dr. Kidd mentions how multiple nutrients can provide multiple benefits. One nutrient has one benefit while other nutrients provide other benefits. Together, the effects of nutrition and lifestyle can be life changing.

gpc brainAs a dietary supplement, GPC’s brain benefits are unique. It boosts mental performance in healthy young people, as shown by three double-blind trials. In trials on middle aged subjects, GPC improved mental performance: reaction time, visual evoked potential, and EEG delta slow waves. In the elderly, GPC improves mental performance and provides noticeable revitalization. GPC is very safe, being compatible with vitamins and nutrients and with pharmaceuticals.


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Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 12/1/15