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cass ingramThe benefits of herbs, spices and essential oils are finally being validated by clinical and scientific studies.

Plants such as garlic, turmeric (curcumin), basil and oregano have been revealed to contain powerful compounds that can have a dramatic and positive benefit on human health. Those of us who believe in the healing power of nature, have no problem understanding how the chemical compounds found in nature can be as powerful as many man-made chemical drugs. In some cases, natural compounds are even more powerful that standard medications. We now live in a time, when the best natural supplements are being studied extensively, and as consumers we have the opportunity to discover these best in class nutrients. If you will do your homework, you can discover which are the best forms of a nutrient. There are distinctions between products and companies. The more you appreciate these distinctions and your choices, the better outcomes you can expect.

oregano oil

cass ingramIn this interview, I will talk to Dr. Cass Ingram. No one has done more to popularize the value of wild oregano oil than Dr. Ingram. His is the voice of experience and passion. Dr. Ingram was restored to health through the copious use of oregano herb and oregano oil. We will discuss his personal history and his initial experience with oregano. We will discuss the studies which have shown the powerful anti-microbial properties of wild oregano oil. The specific raw material we are discussing is P-73 Oregano Oil from North American Herb and Spice. This is the original wild oregano spice oil. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all oregano oil is the same. WF


steve lankfordSteve Lankford is the host of HealthQuestPodcast.com. Steve has over 40 years of experience in the natural products industry. His passion is helping others develop nutritional programs that work. At HealthQuestPodcast.com, Steve interviews the experts in the fields of science and nutrition. His in depth explorations and consumer friendly style are designed help listeners learn about the science of nutrition. His guests are some of the most respected experts in the natural products industry.

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Published by WholeFoods Magazine Online, 9/30/2015