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Dr. Ingram is one of the most influential champions in the natural products industry. Dr. Ingram introduced the health benefits of wild spice oils starting with oregano oil. For decades he has been the single voice for these powerful compounds that are found in natural spice oils.

Dr. Ingram is also the author of the book The Black Seed Miracle. Dr. Ingram speaks so highly of Black Seed Oil as beneficial for so many of the health issues that people face. Dr. Ingram describes the conditions that may be positively affected by black seed oil. In his book The Black Seed Miracle, you can learn about black seed and its beneficial oil:
  • diabetes*
  • heart disease*
  • cancer*
  • high blood pressure*
  • digestive ailments*
  • skin disorders*
  • inflammation*
  • immune disorders*
The benefits Dr. Ingram describe seem almost too good to be true. What does the science say? Are Dr. Ingram’s claims backed up by significant research?

I am a big fan of using Google Scholar to look into the scientific evidence. Black seed is one of the most widely studied natural products I have ever explored. Dr. Ingram is not exaggerating. Here are my results from searching the term “black seed” on Google Scholar. This is a very significant level of research:
  • black seed all time results = 2,830,000
  • black seed since 2020 = 20,400
  • black seed since 2020 + lung = 3,580