Company Description
For over 15 years, AIDP Inc. has been a leader in functional ingredients for a wide range of applications, from vitamins, minerals and amino acids, to specialty and proprietary products. Our goal is to supply our customers with the ingredients they need to make their business a success. AIDP has access to the newest technology in the nutrition and functional food markets. We start the domino effect by having some of the most innovative, freshest ideas in the lab, which makes you happy, which makes your clients happy, which makes their customers happy. 

• We are not the biggest—we just try harder
• We don’t ever, ever, ever, take anyone for granted
• We help more and solve your problems—we will even bend over backwards more
• We’ve taken quality to the highest level by becoming NSF GMP certified—how many of your suppliers can claim that?
• We have fresher, more innovative ideas in the test tube to help you grow faster
• Your five-star service treatment begins when you call us on the phone or send us an e-mail
• We actually answer the phone! To see good examples of this difference—give us a call, so Liz, Becky or Alicia can quickly take care of you.

Here’s not only to your good health, but especially to your clients’ and customers’ good health!

Major Products/Service Offerings
provides a full array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and specialty compounds. If you need it, we have it at the best price and the highest quality.
Bone & Joint Products. As one of the largest suppliers of chondroitin, specialty calciums, glucosamine and collagen of all types, AIDP has developed an expertise in bone and joint solutions.
KoAct®, a triple-patented calcium collagen chelate, has shown impressive research results to improve both bone density and bone strength. Exclusively available and developed by AIDP.
Kolla2™, a type-II collagen glycosaminoglycan, offers the complete building blocks for cartilage support, manufactured through a patented process
vK2™ is a portfolio of vitamin K solutions to meet your needs.
Calcium Chondroitin is a newer bone health product not widely available. AIDP can help you develop this market.

Liquid and Food Formats. The blur between functional beverages and liquid supplements continues. AIDP, through a proprietary microencapsulation process, called enVantec™, can deliver stable and clear vitamin solutions.

enVantec™ makes microencapsulation better. If you’ve been stumped by product development challenges related to solubility, stability and bioavailability, enVantec’s patented microencapsulation process is the advantage you’ve been looking for. enVantec exhibits striking stability during tableting and encapsulation when compared to other leading brands.

enVantec offers a variety of pre-made applications for fat-soluble ingredients that were previously unsuitable for commercial applications because of stability limitations, including:
• enVantec Vitamin A Palmitate
• enVantec Vitamin A Acetate
• enVantec D3
• enVantec Beta Carotene

What’s New?
KoAct, for Better Bones
was shown to increase bone mineral density of total body DXA scan after three months of intake in a Florida State University human study. The KoAct results were significantly better than a simple calcium supplement taken at the same time. It was also shown to increase bone strength in a Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology animal study. The KoAct results were significantly better than calcium or a simple mixture of calcium and collagen.

Magtein™ Think Clearly™. Magtein™ is a breakthrough super-mineral with strong evidence supporting cognitive functions and brain health. We know that magnesium helps with sleep, stress release and mood management. It plays an important role in many of the brain’s functions. The role of magnesium in memory and cognitive function has long been suggested, but not proven. Magtein™ has demonstrated promising results in animal studies to improve memory, recognition and learning by a group of scientists from MIT including a Nobel Prize laureate. Magtein™ is suitable for both the nutraceutical market and the food/beverage channel. It has a clean taste, is odorless, highly soluble and is safe. This patent-pending ingredient is self-affirmed GRAS, and available exclusively through AIDP.

Collagen Solutions. New food friendly collagen products have recently been made available exclusively to AIDP. Taste, texture and form can all be improved with these new collagen solutions.

AIDP, Inc. 
19535 East Walnut Drive South
City of Industry, CA 91748
Tel.: (866)262-6699
Fax: (626)964-6739
Year Founded: 1996

Key Personnel:
Edward Lee, Ph.D.,
Dave Dannenhold, VP of Sales
Jennifer Gu, Ph.D., Director R&D
Jim Ruffalo, National Sales Manager

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2011