City of Industry, CA—AIDP Inc. has announced new bioavailability data regarding its VegD3, an organic, vegan form of vitamin D3.

The study was completed in Ireland through R&D business AnaBio Technologies and University College Dublin in 2020. Healthy volunteers were given a daily dose of 600IU VegD3; vitamin D plasma levels were evaluated at baseline and at seven days. Participants saw an average increase of 33nmol/L, which is approximately 77.3% above baseline. Those who were vitamin D deficient at baseline met sufficient vitamin D plasma levels by the end of the seven-day test period. The results were statistically significant.

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VegD3 is made from a sustainable algae source, with a fully traceable supply chain. It is Vegan Society approved. It can also be added to beverages, like animal-sourced vitamin D.