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Fiber-bound Polyphenols for Optimal Gut Health*

Most of us are not consuming enough of the plant-based dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables that our bodies need for optimal gut health. The solution seems easy—just add more fiber to your diet. Unfortunately, many supplemental fibers on the market are isolated and lack health-promoting compounds like the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables.

NatureKnit™ is different.

NatureKnit™ delivers intact, plant-based dietary fiber and polyphenols, naturally bound together, to the gut. Once there, the fiber-bound polyphenols are slowly released and act as antioxidants to help promote optimal gut health and overall wellbeing.*

Made from upcycled fruits and vegetables, NatureKnit™ allows you to meet the need for convenient, pleasant tasting plant-based gut health solutions that satisfy consumers’ multiple health goals.

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