The Immunity Fix: Strengthen Your Immune System, Fight Off Infections, Reverse Chronic Disease and Live a Healthier Life by Dr.James DiNicolantonio and Siim Land is a new comprehensive guide covering the latest science and strategies to optimize immune health. As the authors note,the COVID-19 pandemic is serving as a wake-up call about the importance of healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle strategies. People are motivated to focus on their maintaining their health.

But what should we actually be doing? What foods strengthen the immune system--and what foods weaken it? Should you take a vitamin D supplement? What about other supplements? What kinds of exercise are best? And can you overdo it on exercise? The authors address these questions and more, empowering readers to foster a healthier immune system to improve overall health and vitality.

This is need-to-know information that the authors say isn't as widely available as it should be. "Unfortunately, the CDC and health officials on the news have not mentioned what you can do to strengthen your immune system," Dr.DiNicolantonio and Land say. "Instead, they spread fear, stir up partisan conflict, and try to tell you that the only way to be protected from the virus is lockdowns. There is little you can do about unexpected events that shake society, but you can take care of your own body. The least you can and should do is to strengthen your own immunity and optimize your own health and fitness."

The book also details lessons from past pandemics, explores what is known about the COVID-19 pandemic, and offers future projections. The authors explain how the immune system works, address factors that weaken the immune system, and include up-to-date scientific information about the most important factors related to staying healthy during viral outbreaks, as well as practical tips and tools that improve stress resilience, speed of recovery, and to support metabolic health, cardiovascular function, and quality of life.