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Are you confused about CBD? If not, perhaps you should be. There are so many aspects to the CBD story that it's easy to be confused, and it's difficult for the average consumers to know what to believe. A lot of what people think about CBD might be wrong or at least misunderstood. And that’s just when we consider the science of CBD.

What is known is that CBD AND its related compounds are beneficial to human health in profound ways. We are continually learning more and these benefits continue to be better understood. Reports suggest that 70% of consumers have now heard that cannabis extracts are useful for good health. I have explored this topic with numerous experts and consensus is growing and is favorable to CBD.

So how does one choose a good product? What are the criteria that you can consider? Are there better forms of CBD that provide better absorption and better results? Has the product you are using been studied clinically? Is the product clean, meaning organic and free of solvents and chemicals? Does the company have a solid reputation and longevity in the business, or is it a new pop-up company without credentials or history?

In this interview with Dr. Emek Blair we will answer these questions. Dr. Blair is the expert in liposome technology and the delivery of nutrients using liposomes. To better understand liposomes you should listen to our previous interviews with Dr. Blair. In this interview we discuss the value of CBD liposomes. We also discuss the importance of the source of the CBD as well. Where it’s grown and how it’s processed. Dr. Blair has created CBD liposomes that have 4 to 10 times better absorption than other CBD liposomes, and up to 20 times better absorption than CBD oil/extracts.