Washington, DC—The Organic Trade Association has announced the return of its annual Organic Week, slated for May 14-16 in Washington, D.C. The event will focus on all things organic, an industry worth over $67 billion. Kicking off with a 5k loop around the National Mall, the conference will be an opportunity for the organic community to come together and set in motion the path for the future. 

“Organic Week is a unique opportunity for our members and organic stakeholders to join forces to keep organic advancing," said Tom Chapman, co-CEO of OTA. "Organic is confronting some deep challenges now, but the sector also has untapped opportunities to appeal to today’s health-focused and environmentally conscious consumers and educate them about the full scope of the benefits of organic.” 

Questions on how to handle the acceleration and sustainability of the organic movement will no doubt be on the table.

Government officials, including Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of State and Jenny Lester Moffitt, Under Secretary of Agriculture for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, will lead what may be ground-breaking conversations. Vilsack will speak on the USDA’s investment in organic agriculture to grow the sector while Moffitt will update attendees on USDA’s Organic Market Development Grants. 

There will be forums of all kinds, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and break-out sessions, allowing attendees to discuss and examine the most pressing issues and priorities. Current trends, the impact of competing labels and claims, federal and private actions to boost organic production, and many other relevant topics will be explored. Once Upon A Farm CEO and Co-Founder, John Foraker, will provide insights on how organic can expand its accessibility to more households. 

“Organic is a movement, one that prioritizes sustainable business practices, accountability, trust and transparency to consumers,” said Matthew Dillon, co-CEO of OTA. “Organic Week is the chance for organic stakeholders to connect, share ideas, hear from the experts and use their collective muscle to help organic expand.”  

Findings from the OTA’s 2024 Organic Industry Survey will also be announced during the conference. On May 14, the Annual Organic Leadership Awards will be held to “...recognize individuals who have shown outstanding leadership and vision in furthering the goals of the organic movement.” 

The conclusion of the event will commence with a full day of advocacy on Capitol Hill. OTA members will have the opportunity to speak with U.S. lawmakers, encouraging them to support organic. 

Registration is available here

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