For 22 years, WholeFoods Magazine has presented the Natural Choice Awards (NCAs) annually to recognize the brands and products that independent natural products retailers love. And this year, the NCAs are better than ever! In our new format, brands submitted their products for consideration, and natural products retailers voted for their favorites. What brands did independent natural products retailers vote to the top? The results of the annual WholeFoods Magazine Natural Choice Awards are in!

Securing its first-ever NCA award—and the top honor of Full Supplement Line—is Humann. Several familiar names from past years also earned retailers’ recognition in 2024, including Terry Naturally, Bluebonnet Nutrition, Enzymedica, Trace Minerals, PlusCBD, and more! We also see several brands being recognized by retailers for the first time in our NCAs, including Blacktumbler, Zeal, Jambar, and others. Congratulations to all of the winners and runners up!

We would like to extend a special thank you to all the natural products retailers who took the time to vote—your input is so appreciated! This year, the retailers who completed the voting form were entered into a drawing to have a $100 donation to Vitamin Angels made in their name. Congratulations to Lauren Gaffney of Mastel’s Health Foods in Saint Paul, MN, for winning the drawing!

Introducing the Natural Choice Awards: Ingredient Edition!

New for 2024, WholeFoods Magazine will present an ingredient edition of the NCAs in the October issue. Awards will be presented to ingredient suppliers in 14 categories, including Microbiome Support, Women’s Health, Active Lifestyle, and more! Stay tuned for details on how to enter and how to vote for your favorites!

The 2024 Natural Choice Awards Winners Are...


Claiming the top spot in WholeFoods Magazine’s annual Natural Choice Awards for the first time: Humann. SuperBeets by Humann is the #1 Doctor, Pharmacist, and Cardiologist Recommended Beet Brand for Heart Health Support.+ Backed by extensive research and development, the SuperBeets product line includes options to help support nitric oxide production, healthy blood pressure, heart-healthy energy, and sports performance.* SuperBeets product line has more than 74,000 five-star ratings and reviews on Amazon and is available in more than 8,000 retail stores. +According to IQVIA ProVoice Surveys 2023.

Supplements Active Nutrition: Trace Minerals, ZeroLyte

The fan favorite has sold out a number of times since being added to the company’s product assortment last April. Part of the brand’s TMSport line, ZeroLyte electrolyte drink mix helps to replenish electrolytes and rehydrate.* Infused with coconut water, sodium, potassium, magnesium and ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops, ZeroLyte contains no added sugars and comes in three delicious flavors: watermelon, citrus and orange.

Supplements Sleep/Stress: +PlusCBD, Reserve Collection - Sleep

The +PlusCBD Reserve Collection features a potent blend of hemp’s naturally occurring CBD and THC for a broader full spectrum cannabinoid experience and more effective results, the company says. Reserve Sleep gummies build on the brand’s unique Reserve Collection formula with effective sleep-focused ingredients combining sleep-inducing melatonin with the calming benefits of CBD, THC, and CBN to help relax your mind and body for a deep and restful sleep.* Reserve Collection Sleep Gummies are made with premium full spectrum hemp extract, expertly extracted using CO2, and manufactured in a cGMP certified facility. The gummies are third party lab tested to verify safety and consistency.

Supplements Heart Health: NatureSpan Super CoQ10 Ubiquinol

This high-quality product uses branded and patented ingredients, such as PureQQ, the only 100% pure PQQ product that the FDA has Affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), and Cocrystal CoQ10, the company says. The product is formulated to help support and optimize fertility for people who are preparing for pregnancy, and also it is designed for heart health and boosting energy.*

Supplements Cognitive Health: LifeSeasons NeuroQ Brain Health Memory and Focus

This clinically tested daily “brain booster” increases mental speed by 41%, mental clarity by 30%, and memory by 20%*. The potent capsules include six clinical actives: gotu kola extract, turmeric extract, ginkgo extract, phosphatidylserine, Neurofactor Coffee Fruit extract, and propolis extract. The product enhances eight aspects of brain activity, according to the company: memory, focus, alertness, concentration, accuracy, speed, learning, and reasoning.* It also promotes healthy BDNF production in the brain and supports healthy cerebral blood flow, neuroprotection, and neurotransmitter function.* The product is recommended for adults concerned about subjective, age-related cognitive decline.

Supplements Bone & Joint: +PlusCBD, Relief Softgels

+PlusCBD Relief Softgels help promote a healthy inflammatory response and provide fast and effective relief from soreness due to overuse, according to the company.* +PlusCBD Relief Softgels are doctor-formulated with recovery supporting ingredients, including CBD, CBDA, and Levagen+ (PEA). Relief softgels help address minor everyday soreness, support joint function, and encourage recovery following strenuous activity.* The softgels are made with premium hemp extract, expertly processed using non-toxic CO2, and manufactured by the company’s approved suppliers at their cGMP certified facility.  +PlusCBD products are third-party tested by independent labs to verify safety and consistency.

Supplements Digestive Health: Enzymedica Digest Gold + Probiotics

The enzymes in Digest Gold, America's #1 selling enzyme formula, break down all the parts of a typical large meal, like fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrates, according to the company.* Each capsule unlocks nutrients to fuel your day and gives relief for occasional gas, bloating and indigestion.*

Supplements Weight Management: Enzymedica Berberine Phytosome for Metabolic Support

Enzymedica's Berberine Phytosome uses ultra absorption phytosome technology. Berberine can be difficult for the body to absorb, which makes it harder to unlock its true benefits. Berbevis phytosome solves this problem, by boosting bioabsorption 9.6 times compared with standard raw extracts, the company says. This unlocks greater potency at a lower dose, allowing for a smaller, easy-to-swallow capsule.

Supplements Immune Support: LifeSeasons Clinical Immunity Daily Boost

Daily Boost is formulated to help keep defenses active and alert.* Just 2 capsules daily makes everyday compliance easy, the company says. The formula contains a clinical dose of Nutramune (500mg) and extra support with PureWay-C, elderberry, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamin D3 and zinc. PureWay-C is absorbed faster and retained 233% better than regular vitamin C, the company adds. The formula is mutli-action, helping to increase the number and activity of immune cells and antibodies.*

Supplements Botanicals: Terry Naturally CuraMed Superior Absorption Curcumin

Terry Naturally CuraMed features the only patented, clinically studied curcumin enhanced with turmeric essential oil for better absorption and a full spectrum of benefits from ar-turmerones, the company says. The curcumin in CuraMed has over 85 groundbreaking, published studies, and is requested by researchers around the world. It is from non-GMO turmeric grown without chemicals and produced without using harmful solvents. For the best in healthy inflammation response† and liver, brain, heart, immune and cellular health.* †Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse.

Supplements Children’s Health: Wiley’s Finest Watermelon Vegan Omega-3 Gummies

Wiley’s Finest Watermelon Wonder Vegan Omega-3 Gummies make it easy for people of all ages to get Omega-3s in their diets. Flavored with natural watermelon juice and sweetened with organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar, these juicy plant-powered gummies deliver a balance of nutrition, fun, and flavor. Each serving provides 131mg of total Omega-3s from a combination of two plant-based sources: Ahiflower Seed Oil and Algal oil. These ingredients were selected because they meet its strict standards of quality, efficacy, sustainability, and taste.

Grocery Vegan: Wisdom SweetLeaf Sweet Drops

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops offer a versatile, natural alternative to processed sugar and are available in 16 different flavors and three sizes. These drops contain zero sugars and zero calories. They are gluten-free, keto-friendly, non-glycemic and come in Natural and Organic variations. Sweet Drops can be used to sweeten recipes, from hot and cold beverages to baked goods and savory dishes.

Grocery Organic: Zeal Creamery, Grass-Fed Butter

Zeal Creamery holds high standards for taste, nutrition and transparency with premium, highly nutritious 100% grass fed milk, butter, and other dairy products. With the temperate climate, which includes ample rainfall and high sunshine hours, the growth of pasture is relatively high in New Zealand where dairy cows spend 365 days a year grazing in their ideal lush environment. The company says the combination of the natural environment and humane farming practices create a creamy and delicious butter made from fresh New Zealand milk.

Grocery Sensitive Diets: Utopihen Farms, Pasture Raised Soy-Free Eggs

Utopihen Farms’ pasture-raised hens are on a soy-free diet that makes their eggs ideal for those with soy allergies and for anyone who wants a good-for-you egg and cares about how hens are treated, the company says. Because the soy-free hens are pasture raised and Certified Humane, they get plenty of sunlight, which the company says makes their eggs naturally higher in vitamin D, as does the absence of soy which tends to deplete vitamin D. The eggs are non-GMO.

Grocery Beverages: Blacktumbler Beverage Company Black Cherry Gingerade

Blacktumbler Gingerade Black Cherry delivers the taste of the dark, red fruit to tickle the tastebuds, making it a whole fruity experience. The company says this healthy drink has a smooth, sweet taste that delivers an all-natural flavor sensation with a cherrylicious “bam!”

Grocery Bars: JAMBAR

Jennifer Maxwell, a food scientist and co-founder of the original PowerBar, has returned to the category she pioneered with JAMBAR energy bars. Made from only premium organic ingredients, the bars feature ancient grains, authentic natural sweeteners and high-quality proteins. JAMBARs each pack 10g of protein, include vegan and gluten-free options, and come in four delicious flavors: Malt Nut Melody, Chocolate Cha Cha, Musical Mango and Jammin’ Jazzleberry. Bars are crafted in a dedicated, state-of-the-art production facility in San Rafael, California. JAMBAR donates 50% of after-tax profits to organizations supporting the transformative pursuits of music and sports.

HABA Skincare: NatureSpan Skin Probiotic

Skin Probiotic is designed to restore skin's natural beauty. The formula is enriched with a blend of beneficial probiotics, promoting a healthy skin microbiome and aiding in the renewal of skin cells. This product works to balance the skin's ecosystem, helping to fight against harmful bacteria while supporting the growth of beneficial skin flora, the company says. Regular use of Skin Probiotic product will result in a noticeable improvement in skin texture, tone, and overall appearance, according to NatureSpan. With its natural ingredients, this product helps to keep skin hydrated, nourished, and glowing. Suitable for all skin types, Skin Probiotic is a perfect addition to a skincare regimen, promising a healthier and more radiant complexion from the inside out.*

HABA Personal Care: Desert Essence Deep Pore Cleanser with Manuka Oil & Tea Tree Oil

Desert Essence New Deep Pore Cleanser removes impurities and unclogs pores using Pure Australian Manuka Oil & Tea Tree Oil, known for their antiseptic qualities, which helps neutralize bacteria that contribute to breakouts and problem skin, the company says. Rich Bentonite Clay plus Witch Hazel help to unclog and tighten pores. Nourishing Olive-Oil based Castile Soap gently cleanses away dirt, excess oil and every day pollutants. The cleanser leaves skin smooth, radiant and refreshed, and is gentle enough for sensitive skin and strong enough for problem skin.

HABA Hair Care: Country Life Vitamins MAXI-HAIR 50+

MAXI-HAIR 50+ is a proprietary dietary supplement formulated to support aging concerns and promote healthy hair from the inside out. Containing clinically studied Cynatine HNS soluble keratin, along with essential vitamins and minerals, MAXI-HAIR 50+ is designed to enhance the strength, structure, and growth of mature hair. This soluble keratin compound, combined with an array of vitamins and minerals, offers a multitude of benefits, including reduction in age-related hair loss, less shedding, support for healthy hair growth, and romotion of keratin formation, the building block of healthy hair.*

LIFESTYLE: Charlie's Soap 

Charlie's Soap is known for its naturally derived products to keep you clean, for life. With more than 40 years experience, they offer a variety of eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are effective, hypo-allergenic, unscented, without residues, and cruelty free. Their Natural Powder Laundry Detergent is super concentrated and Safer Choice Certified, while being gentle on skin and the environment. Free of dyes, parabens, harmful phosphates, and synthetic fragrances. A little goes a long way: Only a tablespoon per large load! This powerful formula cleans your washer while it cleans your clothes, too.

Pet Products: Paw Power Nutrition Dawg Butter

Dawg Butter is an all-natural, healthy, dog-safe peanut butter with supplements inside. It is xylitol free, gluten free, and non-GMO, with no added sugar, salt, or oils. It comes in four varieties, all made in the USA with all ingredients sourced in the USA as well: Original - Plain, just peanuts with a little wildflower honey; Pum'kin Puppers - with added pumpkin and cinnamon for digestion; Berry Flexible - with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, turmeric & cranberries; and Blue Biotic - with 6 strains of pre & probiotics and blueberries. Every purchase supports rescue dogs. The company donates from its sales each month to dog rescues across the country.

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