Luker Chocolate recognized for sustainability efforts

Luker Chocolate has been named as a finalist in Sustainability, Climate and Environment, Community Engagement, Special Projects category in The 3rd Annual Anthem Awards. The company was selected for its sustainability initiative, The Chocolate Dream which is designed to enhance well-being, preserve the environment, and uplift incomes. This initiative is committed to empowering women, safeguarding children, and inspiring the youth of Colombia. Being named a finalist for the Anthem Award exemplifies Luker's dedication to community relations and underscores the brand's success as a pioneer in the industry, according to the announcement. Luker is steadily gaining momentum in the U.S. and reinforcing its position as a leader in sustainable food systems.

Health Canada licenses immune, gut health claims for EpiCor postbiotic

Health Canada has licensed 10 health claims for Cargill’s EpiCor postbiotic, related to the ingredient's role in supporting immune and digestive health. The licensed claims, supported by more than a dozen published clinical studies, further differentiate EpiCor from other postbiotic ingredients on the market, the company said. EpiCor’s claims, based on an efficacious dose of 500mg daily for adults 18 years and over, include:

  • Helps to reduce the incidence of cold and flu symptoms (during the winter months).
  • Helps to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies such as nasal stuffiness/congestion.
  • Helps relieve nasal stuffiness/congestion associated with seasonal allergies.
  • Helps to maintain immune function.
  • An antioxidant that helps to support good health.
  • Source of antioxidant(s)/provides antioxidant(s).
  • Helps support intestinal/gastrointestinal health.
  • Helps to improve occasional mild to moderate bloating/distension.
  • Helps to improve occasional mild to moderate feeling of fullness.
  • Occasionally helps to improve stool consistency.

La Monarca Bakery has partnered with ECOLife Conservation

La Monarca Bakery has partnered with ECOLife Conservation to champion the preservation of the monarch butterfly population. Recent reporting from the LA Times notes that efforts to save the endangered species might be making a difference. The partnership between the two brands is a case study of how to commit to sustainable practices in the industry while staying true to your audience, according to the announcement. La Monarch Bakery honors the monarch butterfly in its name, often a symbol of hope, perseverance, and better days to come for the Mexican people. 

National Co+op Grocers adds Hudson Food Co-op to its membership 

National Co+op Grocers (NCG) announced a new member, Hudson Food Co-op. Initially a community organized start-up working to open its first retail space, the co-op recently embraced the opportunity to acquire an existing natural and organic food store, Fresh and Natural. The co-op currently operates under the Fresh and Natural banner and is working to rebrand the space as Hudson Food Co-op in the near future. NCG now has 161 member co-ops operating more than 230 retail locations in 39 states.

Sabinsa Nanjing expands into new facility in China

Sabinsa will begin the new year by relocating the Sabinsa Nanjing Biotechnology Company Limited corporate office to a new location in Nanjing, China. In addition to office space, the company will have a sizeable warehouse, repacking, QC, and meeting rooms on the premises. The new location features modern interiors that bring a vibrant and positive atmosphere to the workplace. The spacious, open, and comfortable work environment presents an ideal setting for the dynamic Chinese team to deliver best-in-class service to further support its customers. The Sabinsa Nanjing Biotechnology Company Limited staff is led by Julia Wei, President.

ACG joins list of WEF’s Global Lighthouse Network

ACG celebrated the inclusion of its capsule manufacturing facility in Pithampur, India, into the Global Lighthouse Network (GLN) by the World Economic Forum. WEF’s Global Lighthouse Network is a community of manufacturers which shows leadership in using Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to transform factories, value chains and business models, for financial and operational returns. The GLN has experienced exponential growth since its inception, expanding from 16 to 153 lighthouses. This initiative is a collaboration between WEF and Mckinsey & Company with independent panel of experts designating factories and value chains that join the GLN. ACG’s Pithampur factory exemplifies accelerated deployment of GenAI, addressing the evolving skill sets of employees in manufacturing through a remarkable Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and policy interfacing with Gen AI.

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