We invited suppliers to discuss their latest ingredient offerings with information on benefits, research, and formulation opportunities. Read on for our A-to-Z round-up, from AI-fueled innovation to wheat-based ingredients!

AI-Fueled Ingredients

“In the spirit of innovation and transformation, we are thrilled to introduce a new era of bioactives that merge cutting-edge AI and protein intelligence,” shares Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin, CEO and Founder of Maolac. “Our mission is to usher in target-specific functional proteins that offer a seamless fit for human consumption, heralding the dawn of personalized nutrition. With this vision in mind, we present Maoreka, our proprietary algorithm. Maoreka marries AI’s computational prowess with the finesse of protein science, allowing us to unlock unprecedented potential. Through this innovation, we can introduce precision-crafted ingredients to meet specific health requirements, enhancing the well-being of individuals. Beyond the technology, it’s the synergy of nature and science that fuels our latest offerings. Maolactin for Gut Health and Maolactin for Anti-Inflammatory Activity, both harnessed by Maoreka, stand as a testament to this union. As we venture into the territory of functional nutrition, these products are designed to transcend traditional limits. Their capabilities extend across various applications, from energizing chocolates and invigorating beverages to yogurts that harmonize health and flavor.”


“Cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside (C3G) is a component of anthocyanins found in dark fruits and seeds like blackberries and black soybean,” says Shaheen Majeed, CEO, BGG Americas, Algae Health Sciences, HB Natural Ingredients. “The cyanidins present in C3G are the most pharmaceutically active anthocyanin subcomponent with the greatest uptake rate, the least decay, and the most clinical significance of all anthocyanins. And C3G is the ultimate ‘sleeper’ ingredient—something that only a small handful of innovative supplement brands around the world are currently using, but that may ultimately prove to be among the most health-giving ingredients of all. BGG’s CyaniMAX C3G is clinically validated for multiple health benefits. Plus, it has several patents for both production processes and health benefits in U.S., Japan, and China. BGG has produced clinical research to support eye health and metabolic syndrome patents in the U.S. on C3G.” 

The eye health research, which included 60 subjects ages 7 to 28 with poor distance vision, covered two different benefits: a significant reduction of eye strain, and a significant improvement in eyesight for distance, Majeed reports. “The dosage was 300 mg per day over a two-month intervention period. Results were statistically significant versus the control group, and the conclusion stated that C3G is ‘capable of reducing eye strain symptoms and improving distance eyesight of early near-sighted people and lightly near-sighted people.’”

For the clinical study on metabolic syndrome, Majeed says, 62 patients, ages 32 to 81, were also dosed at 300 mg per day for two months. Results showed significant reductions in blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipid levels; significant reduction in body weight; and evidence that C3G may be a suitable treatment for physiological dysfunction caused by oxygen free radicals.


In 2023, BGG published two studies using its branded AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin in the area of eye health with excellent results, shares Majeed. Both studies focused on eye health in people over-using visual display terminals (VDTs).The first (Sekikawa, et al, 2023) was on AstaZine as a standalone supplement, and was done on 60 healthy adults. “This clinical trial was placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized and parallel design. Subjects in the treatment group took 9 mg per day of AstaZine while the control group took a similar-looking placebo. After six weeks, the AstaZine group aged over 40 had corrected visual acuity in the dominant eye, which the researchers cited as proof of the protective effect of AstaZine against the increased oxidation caused by overuse of VDTs. They concluded: These results suggest Astaxanthin reduces oxidative stress caused by visual display terminal work. Age-related reduction in ciliary muscle strength is likely the main detractor of visual acuity. Correspondingly, Astaxanthin reduced visual display terminal work-induced visual stress in the middle-aged and elderly.”

The second study (Yoshida, et al, 2023) was done on AstaZine in combination with BGG’s AbsoLutein Natural Lutein and Zeaxanthin. “The formula in this study given to the treatment group contained 6 mg of AstaZine, 10 mg of AbsoLutein, and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin over a duration of eight weeks,” says Majeed. “Again, this study was placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, and with a parallel group. Overuse of VDTs can adversely affect eye-to-hand coordination, but this formula showed a statistically significant improvement in the treatment group compared to the placebo group for this critical physical/visual function. In addition, macular pigment optical density showed a significant increase in the group taking the eye formula. The researchers concluded: Consumption of a supplement containing Astaxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin mitigates the decline of eye-hand coordination after VDT operation.

Black Seed Oil

“Using modern, sustainable practices, TriNutra has taken a 2,000-year-old ingredient and brought out its unrealized potential,” says Morris Zelkha, CEO of the company, which offers Nigella sativa (black seed) oil naturally standardized to 3% thymoquinone (the oil’s key phytonutrient) with low free fatty acids (<1.25%) to maintain the oil’s efficacy, bioavailability, and stability. “TriNutra offers two black seed oil products, ThymoQuin and B’utyQuin, which are extensively studied and have shown to aid in numerous areas of health and well-being,” Zelkha adds. “ThymoQuin is currently the only black seed oil to meet the USP monograph and has two awarded patents with more pending. ThymoQuin has shown support for metabolic health (1), fatty liver support (2), immune health (3-6), and cardiovascular health (7). ThymoQuin is ideal for dietary supplements. B’utyQuin is a potent beauty application that supports a healthy inflammatory response and promotes a healthy microbial balance. B’utyQuin has been clinically shown to aid in skin hydration, luminosity, firmness, and elasticity (8) as well as scalp soothing and relief of redness, scaling and itch (9). B’utyQuin has a wide range of applications from skin care to hair care to oral and intimate care.”


With sleep issues impacting 50 to 70 million Americans, scientifically validated research is needed more than ever on how to help improve rest,” says Nicole Brown, Chief Innovation Officer, Open Book Extracts. A study published in the Journal of the American Nutrition Association, conducted by Open Book Extracts and facilitated by Radicle Science, found that cannabinoids are safe and effective to support sleep quality, with effectiveness similar to that of melatonin. “In the study, 1,793 adults experiencing symptoms of sleep disturbance were randomly assigned to receive a four-week supply of either 15 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) or 5 mg of melatonin, alone or in combination with other cannabinoids. These combinations include 15 mg of CBD with 15 mg of cannabinol (CBN) and 5 mg of melatonin, 15 mg of CBD with 15 mg of CBN, 15 mg of full spectrum CBD with 15 mg of CBN, and 15 mg of CBD with 15 mg of CBN and 5 mg of cannabichromene (CBC).”

The findings: “All formulations exhibited a favorable safety profile (12% of participants reported a side effect and none were severe) and led to significant improvements in sleep disturbance,” Brown says. “Most participants (56% to 75%) across all formulations experienced a clinically important improvement in their sleep quality. Participants in all study groups saw significant improvements in sleep quality, well-being, anxiety, and pain. The onset of effects from all cannabinoid products was similar to the melatonin control product, with most participants noticing an effect within one hour of taking their product. Throughout the study, the amount of average increased sleep that participants experienced from each different product ranged from 34-76 additional minutes nightly, though there was not a statistically significant difference between products.” 

Brown says the combination of CBD, CBN, and CBC in a defined ratio may be a particularly promising alternative to melatonin, especially in those who have concurrent pain or anxiety in addition to sleep disturbance, warranting further exploration.


"Unibar’s proprietary, patent-pending, and clinically studied ingredient, CapsiClear, is the first naturally derived standardized capsanthin extract from red peppers,” says Sevanti Mehta, President of the company. “This unique capsanthin ingredient is a carotenoid and has been shown to be a comprehensive extract for improved visual performance, maintenance of optimum intraocular pressure, and aiding in dry eye and tear regeneration. CapsiClear is the first five-in-one eye health solution.”

Coenzyme Q10

The biggest trend in the field of CoQ10 science will be the continued expansion of new clinical applications of Ubiquinol,” says Ron Martin, Vice President, Kaneka Nutrients. “The mitochondrial star is venturing beyond cardiovascular formulas, and is now being recognized for its effect on fertility and pre-conception health. It is a global concern, with 1 in 6 people experiencing infertility at some point during their lifetime. 

“Also, as the world’s population ages, there is a growing consumer demand for products formulated for healthy aging. Ubiquinol is uniquely positioned for healthy aging, considering that mitochondrial function and Ubiquinol levels are significantly reduced by aging. Another exciting area of our efforts is to help brandholders take Ubiquinol into new formats, including liquid formulations. Only Kaneka manufactures Ubiquinol in the U.S., and our commitment to innovation will help you create the next generation of CoQ10 products.”


“Backed by more than 10 human clinical studies, Lonza’s UC-II undenatured type II collagen has a unique, proprietary manufacturing method that triggers the body’s natural process to build new joint cartilage (10,11),” says Emily Navarro, MS, RD, Global Marketing Manager, Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients. “UC-II undenatured type II collagen is clinically proven to significantly improve joint flexibility and reduce joint discomfort—all in a small, once-daily, easy-to-swallow 40-mg dose. Furthermore, a new benchtop exercise study recently found that Lonza’s UC-II undenatured type II collagen was shown to withstand various processing conditions associated with food and beverage manufacturing, such as high temperature, time, and pH levels (12). This means that brands can now create food and beverage applications, such as nutrition bars and gummies with this high-quality joint health ingredient. As UC-II undenatured type II collagen can be formulated into a wide range of product formats, the ingredient truly stands out in the joint health ingredient space” (13).

Also discussing the benefits of collagen, Florencia Moreno Torres, Global Business Development Manager Health & Nutrition, Rousselot, says the company’s flagship collagen peptide brand PEPTAN offers multifaceted benefits to address a range of trending concerns, from boosting beauty from within, to supporting mobility, sports recovery, and general well-being (14-17). “Less well-known is its potential as an active ingredient for digestive health. Although a relatively new area of research, initial results are promising. In a recent study (18), a daily 20-g collagen peptide supplement helped alleviate mild digestive discomfort such as bloating, without the need for lifestyle changes. 

These results are also particularly exciting in the context of expanding consumer interest in digestive regularity. Brands seeking to engage gut-health-conscious consumers should take note.”


Eriomin is a patented, high-potency blend of lemon flavonoids with two published clinical studies and a third clinical currently under peer-review,” Rob Brewster, President, Ingredients by Nature, shares. “Eriomin delivers a multi-functional approach to addressing elevated blood glucose levels, inflammation levels, and oxidative stress. It has also been shown to naturally reduce glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) by up to 17%. Eriomin is a versatile powder and can be used in dietary supplements, tables, capsules, functional foods and beverages.”

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

“Our flagship ingredient, Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract, is one of the most-researched natural ingredients on the market,” says Sébastien Bornet, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Horphag Research (exclusive worldwide supplier of Pycnogenol). 

An area of study: women’s health. “The menopause category is currently experiencing a significant transformation,” says Bornet. “A new study found Pycnogenol significantly increased hair density by 30% in menopausal women after two months. Furthermore, the research revealed that Pycnogenol decreased transepidermal water loss in scalp skin and improved scalp microcirculation. This peer reviewed and published research adds to Pycnogenol’s scientific portfolio in the fields of menopause and beauty. It not only uncovers new benefits but also fortifies our capabilities in formulating products within this sector.”

Another trending market, per Bornet: “The beauty market is evolving significantly with more consumers and products embracing the inside-out approach. Pycnogenol boasts core mechanisms for maintaining healthy skin and hair, such as antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, support for microcirculation, and natural promotion of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid—all substantiated by scientific research. Remarkably, those are the same mechanisms involved in maintaining healthy circulatory health, muscle function and recovery, joint care and cognitive functions. Research consistently demonstrates the wide-ranging benefits of Pycnogenol across all of these applications.”

Herb and Botanical Blends

“Nuherbs is expanding its Bespoke Extracts program to offer even more solutions for customization,” says Lisa Thomas, Chief Commercialization Officer. “We have partnered with and guided customers, helping with those product development concepts and technologies outside of a company’s wheelhouse, developing extracts standardized to unique levels, or designing an exclusive herbal blend precisely detailed for each customer. Beyond that, we now also offer value-add customization answers for innovative finished products, helping differentiate and expand business for each client. Nuherbs has the expertise to assist customers through expansion of their portfolios with new delivery formats unique to the botanical market, developing extracts and products that are outside the traditional tablet and capsule delivery systems.” 

In addition, Thomas shares: “Nuherbs is preparing to launch an innovative joint health ingredient supported by over 10 scientific studies, including safety, efficacy, and bio-accessibility/bioavailability. As the industry better understands the needs of our active-aging customers, ingredients such as this can solve answers for those Weekend Warriors, CrossFit enthusiasts and anyone simply looking to age gracefully by supporting their joint health through supplementation and physical activity.” 

Also shining a light on blends: Gencor offers 4’Liver, a novel combination of two well-known liver health ingredients, chebulic myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) fruit extract and East Indian globe thistle (Sphaeranthus indicus) flower head extract. This non-GMO, vegan-friendly extract has been clinically shown to support liver health and function, a healthy lipid profile, and overall liver wellness. It  can be added to capsules, tablets, and soft gels. 

Gencor also offers Libifem, a standardized fenugreek seed extract for women’s health. Its recent female-only clinical study demonstrated the ingredient’s ability to improve muscle strength, power, endurance, and body composition in female athletes aged 25 to 45. Also from the company: two blood sugar control extracts, Trigogen, a proprietary fenugreek seed extract, and Gencinia, an extract of Coccinia cordifolia (indica). Both ingredients are clinically studied to support healthy blood sugar and a healthy blood sugar response.

Krill Oil

“When it comes to krill oil and product offerings, there is a steady interest in gummies, but we are also seeing that liquid formats are on the rise,” says Cashtyn Lovan, Regional Marketing Director, Aker BioMarine. “In fact, the Superba Krill oil team has been working on emulsions in the form of smoothies as well as coffee flavored beverages. We are seeing that the liquid formats allow us to get a higher, concentrated dosages of krill oil than other formats, with a solid taste profile. Ingredients with tangible and result-driven benefits (backed by science) are always in demand.”

Lovan adds: “Globally, we are living longer, and healthy aging, as well as science around it, will continue to become more relevant to brands and consumers alike. Ingredients like Superba Krill oil, that target health on the cellular level, will be a major part of the conversation. In fact, krill oil phospholipids can slow down aging and improve life quality, according to a recent study published in Aging. By using nematodes and human cells, scientists were able to conclude that krill oil does in fact promote healthy aging by counteracting many processes that drive aging such as suppressing the accumulation of oxidative DNA damage counteracting the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential and function, as well as suppressing senescence (the loss of cells’ ability to grow and divide). The nematodes that received krill oil (Superba Boost) did not lose as many nerve cells in the brain as they got older. They therefore preserved both memory and neuromuscular function and were generally much more active. Also, another recent published human clinical trial supports krill oil’s benefits for healthy and active aging by maintaining muscle and joint health. A 2022 published study by the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow, scientists found that krill oil supplementation can have beneficial effects on skeletal muscle function and size in healthy, older people. Krill oil contains high concentrations of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which previous scientific studies have shown are important nutrients for the body as it ages.”


“Lonza’s Carnipure L-carnitine is one of the company’s longest-standing and most consistently in-demand solutions in the active nutrition space,” says Navarro. “This ingredient has been clinically shown to support energy levels in active individuals to help both optimize performance and support post exercise recovery (19,20). The ingredient uniquely supports energy production from fatty acids and plays a central role in metabolism to meet the needs of active consumers. Better yet, it also offers additional benefits for overall health and wellbeing, such as supporting weight management” (21). 


Unibar offers a stable and bioavailable lutein ingredient extracted from sustainably sourced marigold flowers, branded UniGold,” says Mehta. “There are many forms of lutein, but the ingredient’s stability is always in question because lutein rapidly absorbs oxygen and degrades. Because it is fat-soluble, lutein is also difficult to absorb. It can react with minerals in formulations, creating black specks on tablets when unprotected. UniGold is a patented, GRAS-affirmed, standardized lutein encapsulated using a unique matrix beadlet technology, ensuring maximum delivery for better absorption. It limits its exposure to oxygen, making it compatible with other ingredients.”

The company also offers a Meso-Zeaxanthin 10:10:2 blend. “This blend includes the three xanthophyll carotenoids: Meso-Zeaxanthin, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin,” says Mehta. “This potent combination provides maximum antioxidant effects, supports visual function, and protects against blue light.”


“GC Rieber VivoMega offers environmentally sustainable marine and vegan-derived omega-3 concentrates,” says Ståle Søfting, Sales and Marketing Director, GC Rieber VivoMega. “It has set the benchmark of quality standards globally and continually offers the lowest environmental oxidation parameters in the world–far below any other industrial standard. VivoMega products are sustainably harvested and processed in its state-of-the-art facility using proprietary technology. The company offers environmentally friendly, high-quality products with complete traceability. Its fish oils start at 500mg/g EPA and DHA, and it can customize a product to a buyer’s need. Its VivoMega Algae Oils are available at 400mg/g DHA or 700mg/g DHA for optimal benefits”

For those looking for plant-based omegas: “Ahiflower oil has been shown to form omega-3 DHA in plasma and key tissues (liver, brain) in mice with comparable turnover efficiency to pure fish-based DHA,” says Greg Cumberford, VP of Science & Regulatory, Natures Crops International. “This challenges the rubric that all terrestrially farmed plant-based omega-3 sources convert ‘inefficiently’ to DHA in mammals. It builds on established human dietary science showing that Ahiflower oil boosts circulating omega-3 EPA levels far more efficiently than flaxseed oil. This efficient EPA/DHA metabolism with Ahiflower oil occurs because of its richest omega-3 SDA (stearidonic acid) content.” This University of Toronto research has been accepted in the journal Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids.

Cumberford also points to a pre-arthritic mouse trial in which Ahiflower oil was shown to be as effective as fish oil for its anti-inflammatory effects in joints and mobility support. And findings in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that an Ahiflower-based emulsion used in total parenteral nutrition in mice performed better than a conventional fish oil emulsion, achieving overall superior immuno-nutrition through gut microbiome balancing, insulin sensitizing, and systemic anti-inflammatory response benefits. Add in published human clinical research showing Ahiflower oil boosts anti-inflammatory IL-10 in immune cells. 

Cumberford notes: “Ahiflower oil is exerting a host of measurable anti-inflammatory metabolic responses that are different from (and complementary to) dietary fish or algal EPA/DHA sources…Along with Ahiflower oil’s de-risked supply chain, ready availability, and guaranteed pricing, these health science findings support brands adopting Ahiflower+DHA oil as a functionally complete and balanced ‘multi-omega’ ingredient from deeply sustainable sources.”


“Using next-generation biotechnology processes, biomega upcycles rest-raw materials from the Scandinavian farmed salmon industry into salmon peptides and oils for the human nutrition market,” says Dr. Silke Middendorf, CCO, biomega. “Using the latest scientific knowledge, our unique patented process involves continuous enzymatic hydrolysis. With no added chemicals, this process uses water and non-GMO proteases to gently separate the oil, proteins and sediments from the rest-raw material to make total use of the rest stream. This results in high-quality ingredients that can be used in functional foods and nutritional supplement ranges. Our latest ingredients are branded under the SalMe Peptide range and are suitable for a wide range of formulation applications, including savory soups, juice shots, and gummy supplements. This range includes: SalMe Peptides are easy to digest and 100% water soluble. They contain a broad amino acid profile, vitamin and micronutrient composition that can help manufacturers looking to promote active nutrition, healthy aging, beauty from within, and mobility within their applications. For instance, SalMe Peptides is a nutritional source of vitamin B12, which is a necessary vitamin required by the body to maintain energy and general vitality, reducing tiredness and fatigue, alongside contributing to normal blood cell formation (22). In comparison to casein and soy isolate, the unique composition of SalMe Peptides means they have nearly ten-fold higher levels of B Vitamins and around 100 times higher levels of Vitamin B12 (23). Salmon Peptides, like SalMe Peptides, are highly digestible and could support serum selenium concentrations (24). Selenium helps to contribute to the normal function of the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress (25). SalMe Collagen Peptides are also easy to digest and 100% water soluble. The rest-raw material they are made from contain type I collagen, which is responsible for the texture and elasticity of the skin (26). Due to their unique composition of collagen, vitamins and micronutrients, they can help formulation applications that are looking to promote healthy aging, beauty from within and mobility in consumers. Like SalMe Peptides, SalMe Collagen Peptides also contain vitamin B12 and selenium. At biomega, we are also working on developing SalMe Salmon Oil for the human nutrition market, and hope to share more information on this in due course.” 


"Phages are one of the most abundant microorganisms in the world and can help to regulate the number of harmful bacteria,” says Philippe Caillat, Global Marketing Director, Gnosis by Lesaffre. “Digesse Select Phages is a combination of spray-dried material containing lytic monophages. Digesse Select Phages is a special mixture of several phages, allowing it to target and deter multiple types of pathogenic bacteria. Digesse Select Phages specifically targets E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, the three most prominent foodborne illness-causing bacteria, making it the most broad-spectrum phage-based solution for formulations.” The product is backed by seven pre-clinical studies in which researchers tested the phage mixture for its effectiveness separately against E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. “These studies showed that Digesse Select Phages was effective at reducing each of these pathogenic bacteria in the gut microbiota without distorting or harming the rest of the gut microbiome. These findings provide significant evidence of the superiority of using phages for managing foodborne illness over antibiotics.”


“The latest innovation from Lipogen addresses premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms for women,” says Rina Perry, Vice President Product Innovation. “Lipogen has developed a unique ingredient called CognoLipid, which is a complex of phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidic acid (PA). CognoLipid has been specifically formulated to provide relief from emotional and physical symptoms associated with PMS.” 

Perry points to a controlled clinical trial with 40 women aged 18-45 diagnosed with PMS. The results demonstrated a significant improvement in PMS symptom severity over the course of three treatment cycles in the group that received CognoLipid, compared to the placebo group. The CognoLipid group also showed a greater improvement in physical and depressive symptoms, and a lower reduction in productivity and interference with relationships compared to the placebo group, although these results were not statistically significant. “CognoLipid is patented, clean-label, vegan, allergen-free and has a US Food and Drug Administration-reviewed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and novel EU designation,” Perry adds. It is suitable for liquids, powders, gummies, chewable tablets and softgels formulations and standalone products that target the women’s market.

Aker BioMarine is also tapping into the power of phospholipids. In 2022, the company introduced PL+ Technology, a delivery platform to optimize the absorption of ingredients. “Unlike most delivery platforms that are synthetically made and have a long list of ingredients, PL+ uses natural marine phospholipids (PLs) that are sustainably sourced in the Antarctic to maximize the cellular uptake of other ingredients,” Lovan explains. “Being both water and fat soluble, PLs naturally create micelles that help emulsify non-soluble and oil-based substances which are then more easily digested by your body and absorbed into your cells. By combining PLs with other ingredients that have low bioavailability (such as curcumin, CoQ10, CBD, and omega sources), we can enhance the uptake of these ingredients up to 25 times, bringing new and better cost-effective supplements to market. Backed by a recent human clinical study done earlier this year, PL+ Technology helps increase the bioavailability of ethyl ester omega-3s by over 12 times with one dose (pre-published results).”


“We are rolling out a new postbiotic for immunity and gut health: Levilactobacillus brevis ssp. Coagulans,” says Martin.


“Our prebiotic range of patented ingredients include SlimBiome for the weight management market,” says Stephen O’Hara, CEO, OptiBiotix Health plc. As a patented, mineral-enriched prebiotic fibre complex, SlimBiome is backed by clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals showing it can reduce hunger and food cravings. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study (27) showed SlimBiome reduced hunger by 10%, food cravings by 11%, and the amount of food intake by 49%. A second study (28) demonstrated a 21% reduction in food cravings and a 26% improvement in mood. The study also showed that 90% of volunteers lost weight and reduced their body fat, while all volunteers benefited from a reduction in hip and waist circumference. 

“SlimBiome reported no side effects in either study and helps sustain weight loss, a result confirmed by consumer studies and customer product reviews from many of its global customers,” O’Hara adds. “SlimBiome can be formulated into a wide-range of applications including meal replacement shakes, shots, snack bars, savory chips, cookies, ice-cream desserts and more. SlimBiome can be used in a structured weight loss plan or be added to snacks as a means of offering a healthy alternative to prevent consumers overindulging on unhealthy high calorie foods and snacks.”

OptiBiotix also offers WellBiome, a patented, mineral-enriched prebiotic multi-fibre complex that promotes gut microbiome diversity and gut barrier integrity by enriching the health positive bacteria in the gut. Featuring a synergistic combination of inulin, xylo-oligosaccharide (OptiXOS) prebiotic fiber and the trace mineral magnesium, WellBiome aids in short-chain fatty acid (SFCA) production to promote gut barrier integrity and enriches the ‘good’ bacteria Bifidobacterium to enhance magnesium bioavailability.


"Brain-Quantum Tablet is an exclusive formula with Gnosis’ patented blockbuster ingredients: Adonat Premium SAMe and Quatrefolic active folate, as well as vitamin B12 delivered via proprietary tablet technology with enteric coating for optimized stability and improved absorption,” says Caillat. “The combination formula works synergistically to nurture, sustain, and protect brain functionality while helping balance mood.” Regarding the science, Caillat says SAMe, 5-MTHF, and vitamin B12 work together in the one-carbon metabolism, a network of interrelated biochemical reactions that involves transferring one-carbon methyl groups from one compound to another. “Indeed, vitamin B12 and folate are essential for the remethylation of homocysteine to methionine and the subsequent formation of SAMe, which is involved in normal brain functions. Interference with this process may result in the low SAMe availability and accumulation of serum total homocysteine, a recognized risk factor for cognitive impairment and dementia. The daily amount of SAMe that is required depends on the availability of the methionine produced by de novo synthesis (involving 5-MTHF and vitamin B12) and the methionine obtained from the diet, mainly from the breakdown of proteins. Brain-Quantum ready formula in tablets offers a comprehensive approach to optimal brain health, providing a union of three molecules able to cross the blood-brain barrier, making them immediately available for the brain: the most potent methylator (SAMe), the active form of folate (5-MTHF), and the easy-to-absorb methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), to support methylation and neurotransmitter synthesis for a healthy mood and good cognitive function and processing.”


“The aqueous solubility of bioactives plays a significant role in dietary, food, cosmetic, biopharma and drug formulations,” says Velmurugan Shanmugham, Ph.D., Phytosol. “Poor solubility is one of the biggest hurdles in developing these formulations as well as a desired therapeutic effect. It is well proven that more aqueous soluble means rapid absorption which leads to greater bioavailability in the body thereby decreasing the dosage of actives to a larger extent. The beverage industry suffers a lot from the unavailability of natural solubilizers. Moreover, the cosmetic industry couldn’t use some of the phytoactives in their formulations due to nonaqueous solubility, even though they possess excellent biological activity. AquaD is a Semi-Phyto Universal Solubilizer (SPUS) and scientifically known as Diosgenin Polyethylene glycol succinate is a water-soluble form of naturally occurring Diosgenin. AquaD solubilizes and enhances the bioavailability of herbal extracts, phytochemicals, and cosmetic ingredients. It also enhances the stability of phytochemicals that are susceptible to light, heat, and ariel oxidation. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as mouth-dissolving strips, effervescent granules, topical applications, and other product types.”


“Parry Organic Spirulina from Valensa International is a fine, uniform powder, blue green to green in color, with a mild odor and taste,” says Umasudan Pal, Chief Executive Officer. “It contains a high nutritional density, including a wide range and abundance of macro- and micronutrients, as well as phytochemicals. Parry Organic Spirulina, a ‘superfood,’ is a vegetarian source of protein with a balanced amino acid profile, carbohydrates, and lipids, mainly as polyunsaturated fatty acids with a high ratio of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), pigment phycocyanin and iron. It is a freshwater blue-green algae cultivated in environmentally pristine open raceway ponds. With over three decades of expertise in micro-algae cultivation, our products are minimally processed and rigorously tested resulting in products with superior quality standards. Our non-GMO Spirulina is 100% organic and is easily digestible ensuring good nutrient availability. The product contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy, or gluten. Also, contains no sugar, starch, preservatives, or artificial color, flavor, or fragrance.” The spirulina can promote growth of good gut bacteria, acting as a prebiotic, and may inhibit growth of harmful bacteria, such as Clostridium, that can lead to gut health issues. Pal says it also can impact immune signaling and help address inflammation in support of immune health.

Vitamin K

New from Gnosis by Lesaffre: the clinically proven health benefits of MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 delivered as a palm-free MCT Oil. “The organically certified material is 100% coconut-based, excluding the use of the less sustainable palm kernel variant,” Caillat explains. “MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 is clinically proven to support bone and heart health, and the new MenaQ7 Palm-Free MCT Oil speaks perfectly to today’s conscious and quality-driven consumer: sustainable, organic, free-from, non-GMO, clean label, traceability (produced in our in-house European production facility).” It also has scientific support: “MenaQ7 Palm-Free MCT Oil is supported by the complete MenaQ7 clinical package: 22+ published human clinical trials confirming safe and efficacious health benefits. It can be used in any oil-based formulations, including soft gel, spray, and drops. MenaQ7 Palm-Free MCT Oil is offered in a diverse selection of concentrations, including 1500ppm, 10,000ppm, and 50,000ppm, providing brand owners with a more ‘customized’ approach to meet their specific production line requirements.”

Wheat-based ingredients

Our texturized wheat protein Lory Tex Chunks perfectly mimic the texture of meat,” says Norbert Klein, Head of Research & Development, Crespel & Deiters Group. “Together with other wheat ingredients, we have developed a vegan chicken thighs concept that replicates the look and texture of the meaty original. Creating crispy chicken skin using solely plant-based ingredients was a challenge, but we’re really pleased with the end result. It’s perfect for those who want to give up meat, yet still enjoy this classic treat. The functional blend of wheat proteins, starches and gelling agent (Lory Stab) creates a thin elastic coating. This is then applied to the shaped imitation meat as a flowable oil-in-water emulsion using conventional coating technology. The chunks are long-fiber textured wheat proteins, whose unique structure replicates the texture of meat. The dry texturate can be easily rehydrated with water, flavored and separated. Frying or grilling makes the outer skin crispy while the inside remains moist and tender. 

The company also offers Lory Crumbs, available in various shapes, colors and sizes, and are derived from wheat and other plant-based raw materials, says Klein. “Breading with products from the Lory Crumb range are particularly crispy and protect substrates such as meat, meat alternatives, cheese or potato products during the frying process. We offer extruded breadcrumbs based on maize, rice and potatoes for different types of processing and end products. Our resistant wheat starch Lory Starch Elara is a white, tasteless and odorless powder that not only reduces energy density and carbohydrate content, but also increases the amount of dietary fiber to optimize the nutritional profile. It can be used in carbohydrate-reduced bakery products. The addition of Lory Starch Elara helps create a tender, crumbly texture in shortbread and biscuit doughs and a fluffy crumb in sponge cakes. Other applications include muffins, yeast plaits, toast bread and pizza dough. For even more nutritional value, the protein content of these products can also be increased with hydrolyzed wheat protein.”


There’s more to know on ingredients!

AIDP recently hosted AIDP Innovation Day 2023: Unveiling B2B Innovation with Research-Based Ingredients in the Supplement Market. Sessions included:

• New scientific insights on Gutgard – a flavonoid rich natural ingredient for gut health

• New insights into the benefits of saffron extract (Saffr’activ) – Sleep quality and ADHD

• Liboost- Keep the flame burning with a new, verified Sexual Health botanical extract

• KeraGEN-IV - New clinical findings for the reduction of hair loss and improvement of skin structure

• Science for products targeting mood, stress and PMS

• Livauxm- Research results for Livaux’s role in the growing symbiotic & postbiotic market

• New Plant Based GOS, with clinical support for Adults & Infants

If you missed it, the content is available to view on demand at www.AIDP.com.