City of Industry, CA—What is on the horizon for the natural products industry? What are consumers seeking now? What new science is paving the way for innovation in formulations? Industry members will get an update on the latest at AIDP Innovation Day 2023. At this free webinar, which is taking place on September 14, 2022 at 8:00am PST, experts will provide new insights into key health segments and how to formulate the next generation of products.

Unveiling B2B Innovation with Research-Based Ingredients in the Supplement Market

At the heart of innovation lies the utilization of research-based ingredients that offer credible benefits backed by scientific exploration, the experts at AIDP share, and this webinar will serve as a platform to delve into the many ways businesses are leveraging rigorous research and scientific evidence to drive innovation, create superior products, and establish robust partnerships in this dynamic ecosystem. Anyone involved in new products from R&D, marketing, purchasing, and management, is invited to attend.

AIDP Innovation Day 2023 sessions include:

  • New scientific insights on Gutgard – a flavonoid rich natural ingredient for gut health
  • New insights into the benefits of saffron extract (Saffr'activ) – Sleep quality and ADHD
  • Liboost- Keep the flame burning with a new, verified Sexual Health botanical extract
  • KeraGEN-IV - New clinical findings for the reduction of hair loss and improvement of skin structure
  • Science for products targeting mood, stress and PMS
  • Livauxm- Research results for Livaux’s role in the growing symbiotic & postbiotic market
  • New Plant Based GOS, with clinical support for Adults & Infants

View the full AIDP Innovation Day 2023 schedule, with speakers and presentation details.

Attendees to the free event also will have a chance to get their questions answered, as each session will be followed with Q&A moderated by WholeFoods Magazine Editor-in-Chief Maggie Jaqua. Can't attend the event live? Registering will give you access to the presentations on demand after the event.

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