Whole Foods Co-founder Launches Wellness Company 

John Mackey is taking Whole Foods Market’s mission to nourish people and the planet three-times further with Love.Life, his new health and wellness company that will provide a one-stop immersive health experience by combining food, medical care, and wellness therapies. The company announced the launch of virtual health optimization programs and plans for its first flagship location, slated to open in the summer of 2024. The optimization programs provide patient-centric medical care that is outcome-driven, personalized, and dedicated to addressing all aspects of an individual's health. With licensed physicians practicing telehealth nationwide, Love.Life focuses on the root causes of chronic diseases and offers solutions. 

Love.Life aims to transform the lives of millions of people,” said CEO and co-creator John Mackey, in a press release. "The conventional medical system is fundamentally flawed, focusing on managing diseases and treating symptoms rather than prevention and finding the root cause. Studies show that 80% of chronic diseases can be prevented and reversed through diet and lifestyle changes, which are the focus of Love.Life’s philosophy and are rarely included in conventional treatment plans.”

Mackey added: "With grocery, we made natural and organic products mainstream, and Love.Life is going to play a similar role in the health and wellness industry. We’re ready to support and empower millions in optimizing their health potential, proving that genes are not destiny."

Gloucester Rugby Team Tests HydroCurc & Levagen+

Gencor and Pharmako Biotechnologies shared the results of its partnered case study with the England-based Gloucester Rugby Team, where 30 players utilized the clinically studied extracts, HydroCurc and Levagen+, during the 2022-2023 season. The study evaluated the branded ingredients' potential to aid post-match recovery and sleep. The first five weeks of the season were used to gather baseline data from the players. They were given a recovery questionnaire on the morning of game day (GD) and two days following GD to collect information on what recovery processes they had followed; subjective measures of soreness, sleep, and vigor were also recorded. At baseline, the team players were given a quality whey-based recovery shake and a high polyphenol natural juice. After five weeks, the team continued with both drinks and added a pill packet containing 600mg of Levagen+, 400mg of HydroCurc, and 3000mg of Omega-3 (1500mg EPA + 750mg). At the end of the pilot, the players reported significant reduction in muscle soreness post-intervention, despite slightly higher collisions in the second half of the season.

NOW Receives Multiple Awards

NOW has once again been honored as a “Great Place to Work.” The National Association for Business Resources has released its Summer 2023 Best and Brightest Companies To Work For, and NOW was honored in three categories: 2023 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation, One of the Top 101 Highest Scoring Winners for the entire National awards program, 2023 Winner for The Nation's Best and Brightest in Wellness. NOW was also honored with two regional awards: 2023 Chicago Best & Brightest Companies to Work For and Elite Winner in the Communication & Shared Vision Category, as well as Best Places to Work Northern Nevada - Greater Reno-Tahoe Finalist in recognition of the outstanding work environment at NOW’s Sparks, NV location.

Longevity by Nature Announces Distribution Partnerships 

Longevity by Nature now has distribution agreements with additional nation-wide distributors: KeHE, Threshold, Palko, and Super Natural Distributors, making the company's products available to health-minded customers across the continent. Longevity by Nature has added to its already-existing partnerships with National Sales Associates, LLC, and UNFI. The  agreements significantly increase awareness of the Longevity by Nature brand and availability of these products across multiple markets: natural/organic, specialty/gourmet, supermarket, mass merchandiser, and online retailers. 

Novozymes, Arla Partner to Develop Protein Ingredients

Novozymes and Arla Foods Ingredients have agreed a partnership to develop advanced protein ingredients. Novozymes, which specializes in the production of enzymes through precision fermentation, has focused on the exploration of new protein solutions for health and nutrition since 2019. In the co-funded partnership with nutrition leader Arla Foods Ingredients, Novozymes will contribute its expertise in the creation of microbial strains for the industrial-scale production of proteins by precision fermentation.

Aker Biomarine Receives NDI Approval 

Aker BioMarine was recently informed that LYSOVETA, the company’s brain and eye health ingredient derived from krill, has received the necessary regulatory approval for commercial launch as a dietary supplement in the U.S. LYSOVETA features essential nutrients such as choline and omega-3 fatty acids in the form of Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC). The company is working with established brands to drive commercial opportunities for LYSOVETA and aims to have first sales of consumer products during 2024. Production of LYSOVETA is done in the company’s manufacturing plant in Houston.

New Ofi Herb Processing Facility to Meet Growing Demand 

ofi has opened a new herb processing facility in Beni-Suef, Egypt, to enhance its customer offering in herbs. Consumers are driving demand for herbs either for cooking at home or a wide range of savory and culinary category solutions including ready-to-eat meals, processed meats, sauces and flavorings and as standalone condiments, the company reported. The new facility will operate under Dehydro Foods, a subsidiary business of ofi, and is expected to create 75 direct full-time jobs and source from around 1,000 farmers. The new site will work towards ofi’s sustainability goals of greenhouse gas emissions reduction, prosperous farmers and thriving communities.

Univar Expands Partnernship

Univar B.V., a subsidiary of Univar Solutions Inc., and Kalsec Inc. have expanded their food ingredients distribution agreement to include three additional European countries. The  agreement authorizes Univar Solutions to exclusively distribute Kalsec’s natural taste and sensory, colors, and food protection ingredient solutions for savory applications in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. From specialty ingredient innovation to recipe testing, the company said food brands of all sizes use Foodology by Univar Solutions for help with product development challenges. 

Foodology by Univar Solutions also reported that it has finalized an expanded agreement with Leprino Foods Company for a range of nutritional ingredients and dairy products serving food and beverage customers in Brazil and Mexico. Leprino Foods' ingredients are found in a variety of foods and beverages including nutraceutical blends, sports and animal nutrition products, and other commercial foods and beverages. 

Grace Farms Focuses on Giving Back

Grace Farms shared its commitment to sourcing only the highest quality, carefully sourced tea and coffee, while also prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices. Companies looking to highlight their ESG commitments can partner with Grace Farms by offering signature coffees and teas in food service packaging ideal for offices, events and catering, hotels, and cafeterias.

Alvinesa Acquires Genosa

Alvinesa Natural Ingredients has acquired Genosa. This acquisition marks a milestone in Alvinesa’s growth strategy and strengthens its position as a player in the upcycled natural ingredients market. Alvinesa upcycles and transforms agricultural coproducts from wine industry into natural ingredients for the Food, Beverage, Animal Health and Nutraceutical industries. Among its offerings is the flagship brand, Vintera, which focuses on grape extract rich in polyphenols. This acquisition presents an opportunity for Alvinesa Natural Ingredients to further expand its ingredient range.

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