Nirvana Water Sciences Secures $2.625M Investment

Nirvana Water Sciences has secured a $2.625 million investment as part of a joint venture with Inspire Health Alliance. The joint venture will offer a line of a dietary supplements aimed at boosting and protecting lean muscle mass, the company shared. The three-ounce Nirvana Super Pro shots are infused with three grams of myHMB Clear, Nirvana's exclusive multi-patented water-soluble HMB muscle wellness ingredient, as well as other proprietary ingredients. The investment also will fuel the growth of Nirvana's new functional spring waters and seltzers in traditional retail, the company says.

    "Extensive research supports the significant health and wellness benefits of HMB. We believe the Nirvana Super Pro products with HMB will give our physicians another tool to help achieve better outcomes," said Rick Salas, co-owner of investor Flagstaff International, Inc. and a managing partner of Inspire Health Alliance. "My partner, John Kang, and I were early investors in Nirvana and the company is now really hitting its stride. We believe the time is right for this additional investment and the joint venture with Inspire Health Alliance." 
    Regarding the science support, Naji Abumrad, M.D., F.A.C.S., professor of surgery at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, and chairman of Nirvana's Scientific Advisory Board, said,  "When the body goes through trauma, like that experienced from surgery, it turns to the muscles to retrieve amino acids to rebuild. As a result, most patients experience muscle atrophy or sarcopenia at some level after surgery, which is one of the primary reasons why we started to study this issue in great depth over three decades ago. What we found was that supplementing with HMB can actually reverse muscle atrophy."  

Learn more from Dr. Abumrad here: The Natural View: Exploring the Science & Lifelong Benefits of HMB-Infused Water

IFOS Logo Approved for Korean Packaging

Nutrasource Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Services shared the news that FMW Corp., a client of Certifications by Nutrasource, has received approval for labelling and advertising using the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) logo, marking the first time in Korea for a Korean-manufactured supplement product to use third-party IFOS labels without either importing ingredients or manufacturing outside of Korea.

Bobbie Acquires Nature’s One with Infant Formula

Bobbie announced the acquisition of Nature’s One in a move that allows Bobbie to meet its full growth potential while strengthening domestic manufacturing, the company saysBy focusing its new facility on making infant formula in the U.S, Bobbie makes strides on a $100 million White House commitment to strengthen the domestic infant formula supply chain and industry. The new facility allows Bobbie end-to-end control of manufacturing from raw material sourcing to production and canning. Once the facility is fully dedicated to infant formula production, Bobbie said it is poised to serve 15% of the non-WIC market, tripling the number of babies they can currently feed. Bobbie will continue to manufacture Nature's One products under the Baby’s Only brand for the foreseeable future.

Mars to Acquire Kevin’s Natural Foods

Mars, Incorporated has signed an agreement to acquire Kevin’s Natural Foods, which will operate as a standalone business within its Food & Nutrition segment. Kevin’s makes chef-inspired sous-vide meals, sides, and sauces using whole foods and simple ingredients. The brand has enjoyed double-digit growth since it launched 2019 and is now available across 17,000+ retail locations. “Mars Food & Nutrition shares our vision and passion for the role food plays in people’s lives," said Kevin McCray, President and Co-Founder of Kevin’s Natural Foods. "We founded Kevin’s with the mission to empower even the busiest people to eat nutritious, great tasting meals in minutes. Joining the Mars Food & Nutrition portfolio of brands will allow us to accelerate the development of more product innovations and support our mission of bringing Kevin’s to more consumers across markets.”
     Dan Costa, CEO and Co-Founder of Kevin’s, added, “As a standalone business within Mars Food & Nutrition, we’ll be able to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and authenticity of our brand while getting the support and capabilities to continue our long-term growth journey. It’s a tremendous milestone for Kevin’s Natural Foods and our team, and we’re excited for what’s ahead.” 

TriNutra Gets Patent for ThymoQuin

TriNutra announced the reception of a European Patent for the composition of ThymoQuin with improved stability and bioavailability of its key active, thymoquinone. This composition may relieve certain metabolic conditions often associated with obesity. Thymoquinone, a key and potent active component in nigella sativa (black seed oil), is unstable in the presence of oxidants, like free fatty acids. This leads to reduced potency of the black seed oil and rancidity. The awarded patent cites several studies of the composition, including a study showing the increased expression of the OPA1, MFN1, and MFN2 proteins in obese mice.

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