Q1. Collagen is super-hot these days. What is it, and what is it good for?

Collagen is an important component of healthy hair, skin, and nails and is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up about 70% of the skin. Collagen fibers, a key component of the skin’s structure, provide the infrastructure for elastin, which maintains skin elasticity. As one matures, the number and activity of skin cells (fibroblasts) that produce collagen decreases. As fibroblasts become less active, the collagen matrix that provides skin firmness and structure begins to break down. The skin then becomes dehydrated and thinner, plus fine lines, wrinkles, and deep furrows start to appear. Smooth, firm, and younger-looking skin requires optimum levels of well-organized collagen fibers to ensure skin retains its elasticity, firmness, and moisture-binding capacity. Having healthy skin is important since it is the largest organ of the human body and functions as a physical barrier to protect the body from environmental factors like pathogens, chemicals, and sunlight throughout our lifetime. The skin also has other physiological roles, including immune defense, antioxidant support, thermoregulation, prevention of excess water loss, and endocrine (production of vitamin D) support to sustain optimal health. That said, while the skin health benefits of bioactive collagen peptides are well known, there are benefits beyond that of just beauty.


Q2. How does collagen work in these other capacities? Isn’t it just a beauty from within supplement?

Collagen is a source of bioactive di- and tripeptides that can cross through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream directly. These small peptides can reach their target organs like the brain and liver to exert their powerful, beneficial biological effects. Peptan®, collagen peptides derived from bovine, is the branded ingredient in Bluebonnet’s Collagen Refreshers™. This raw material is unique in that the molecular weight is less than 5000 Daltons, making it highly absorbable and bioavailable. By delivering highly absorbable, key bioactive di- and tripeptides, and free amino acids directly to the bloodstream, collagen peptides have the potential for benefits beyond the skin. With that in mind, the nutritional scientists at Bluebonnet have carefully crafted a line of Collagen Refreshers™ that are delicious, easy-to-mix collagen powdered beverages targeted for daily beauty, stress relief, detox, and energy/vitality.


Q3. What differentiates the Collagen Refresher line from other collagen products in the marketplace?

Bluebonnet’s Collagen Refreshers™ and Hydrolyzed Collagen Powders are a carefully crafted line of easy-to-mix collagen powders that are deliciously refreshing and remarkably effective. Each product is formulated with a tailored blend of nutrients and organic fruit juice ingredients combined with hydrolyzed collagen peptides type I + III—providing a targeted approach to an individual’s specific beauty needs. So whether you are tackling the gym or looking for a beauty lift, a little cleanse, a shot of vitality, or just finding your Zen moment, Bluebonnet’s Collagen Refreshers™ and Hydrolyzed Collagen are just what you are looking for!

What are your collagen needs?

Beauty Ultimate beauty blend of collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, soluble keratin, and L-glutathione in a base of hydrating organic strawberry and lemon powders.*

Detox An effective detoxifying blend of collagen peptides, milk thistle fruit & seed extract, L-glutathione, and hibiscus flower powder blend in a base of cleansing organic raspberry powder.*

Vitality Invigorating energy & vitality blend delivering collagen peptides along with caffeine from plant sources like matcha green tea, yerba mate extract, and green coffee bean extract in a base of revitalizing organic lemon powder.*

Zen Calming stress relief blend of L-theanine, lavender flower, and lemon balm extracts in a base of soothing organic blueberry and lemon powder.*

Hydrolyzed Collagen Nourishing peptides for revived hair, skin, and nails, with no colors, flavors, or sweeteners of any kind!


Q4. What are the clean label attributes of the Collagen Refresher line?

Keto and paleo-friendly, each Collagen Refresher product is made as nature intended…with clean, grass-fed, bovine sourced collagen peptides and organic-certified ingredients that work with your body’s natural chemistry. We have worked directly with growers, farmers, and suppliers to ensure each product is formulated with the best ingredients possible. Each formula delivers 12 grams of clinically tested, patented, and branded hydrolyzed bioactive collagen peptides (Peptan®) with organic fruit and fruit juice powders that are lightly sweetened with monk fruit extract, giving a truly refreshing experience.


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