Tofuti participates in Vegan-uary

Tofutti Brands, participating in Veganuary, a worldwide movement to encourage the reduced consumption of animal products for the month of January. In addition, Tofutti’s recent rebrand now features terms such as vegan, plant-based, Kosher-Parve, and Halal and gluten-free where applicable. The company is pairing up with other plant-based brands for special promotions on the company’s social media where it is featuring vegan recipes, and will make donations to animal welfare organizations.

Lief Labs introduces rebates

Lief Labshas introduced Lief Rebates, a growth incentive program designed to strengthen  brand partnership and give back to its customers. The percentage and financial amount will be established by Lief's Finance team after a thorough account review on growth, margins, and payment history. The milestones are based on a 12-month period and the rebate is issued at the end of the client's 12-month agreement in the form of Lief credit on future orders, the company shared.

Mars acquires Tru Fru

Mars has signed an agreement to acquire Trü Frü, a high-growth, better-for-you, whole-fruit snacking brand. Trü Frü’s snacks are made from real fruit and coated in premium chocolate. The snacks are available in both a frozen and shelf-stable format across the U.S. The brand has shown consumer appeal, with its sales increasing by more than fivefold since 2017, according to a press release.

IFF to sell Savory Solutions Group for $900 M

International Flavors & Fragrancesplans to sell its Savory Solutions Group to private equity firm PAI Partners in a deal valuing the business at $900 million. The sale is expected to close in the second quarter of 2023. The segment focuses primarily on prepared foods and foodservice ingredients, including products for butchers and plant-based meat analog makers. It has approximately 1,800 employees at business units in Austria, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Canada, Mexico and Thailand. At IFF’s Investor Day earlier this month, CEO Frank Clyburn, said the companyplanned to announce three salesof non-core businesses units in the next quarter.

NutriLeads expands distribution to Taiwan

NutriLeads BV announced its expansion of BeniCaros to Taiwan through an agreement with Maxcare Inc. Based in Taipei, Maxcare specializes in clinically supported, science-based nutraceuticals, fruit and botanical extracts with numerous product applications. Maxcare has broad expertise and resources for product development, marketing and consumer education, and logistic services, according to a press release. BeniCaros is an eco-friendly natural ingredient that is off-white in color, water soluble, odorless, tasteless and pH and heat stable. It is Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, vegan, and vegetarian and available in an organic version.

Open Book Extracts recruits for CBD study

Open Book Extractsis recruiting participants for its placebo-controlled study of cannabinoids, CBC and CBDV, on menstrual pain relief in women. Under the guidance of Cheruba Prabakar, M.D., board certified OBGYN, Open Book Extracts and Purissima will study the effects of CBC and the combination of CBDV and CBC on menstrual pain and premenstrual pain symptoms. The study will take place over a timeframe of two full menstrual cycles. Participants will take their usual PMS OTC products as well as the cannabinoid edible gummies, and report pain scores. Study participants will be between the ages of 18 to 35.

PhytoGaia announces results for strength

PhytoGaia shares recent study titled “Alpha-carotene is positively associated with muscle strength in older adults.” Conducted by a team of Brazilian researchers from the Federal University of Uberlanda, the studyhighlights that serum α-carotene, but not other antioxidants, was positively associated with muscle strength in older adults. This finding provides valuable information to enhance the nutritional condition of older adults, according to the company, and willraise awareness about the importance of α-carotene intake.

BGG World receives recognition from USP

BGG Worldshared the news that it has received recognition from United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for its work with establishing standards for elderberry extracts. BGG received both a Certificate of Appreciation and a Donor Recognition Program award due to its contributions to USP’s efforts, officially labeled as 'European Elder Berry Dry Extract.' USP noted that “BGG’s contributions add significant public benefit to the standards-setting process in support of the USP mission.”

Euromed fruit extract linked to skin health

Euromedreported on a recent in-vitro study conducted by EURECAT and published in theInternational Journal of Food Sciences. Study findings displayed Euromed's pomegranate fruit extract Pomanox may reduce signs of skin aging such as hyperpigmentation, skin dryness and loss of elasticity. Researchers examined human foreskin fibroblast cells. Results suggest that Pomanox is a promising ingredient for nutricosmetic and beauty-from-within applications. Analysis showed that under normal conditions, Pomanox significantly increased the collagen and hyaluronic acid metabolism.

Kerry enters trade agreement

Kerry Group announced it has entered into exclusive negotiations to sell the trade and assets of its Sweet Ingredients Portfolio to IRCA, an international leader in chocolate, creams, and other high-quality semi-finished food ingredients. The sale is subject to relevant regulatory approvals and routine closing adjustments. Employee consultation and information processes have commenced in relevant jurisdictions.

Flore partners with DSM

Floré by Sun Genomics announced its partnership with Royal DSM, whose investment unit, DSM Venturing, made an investment in Floré as well. Both companies, matched during the recent MassChallenge Switzerland Sustainable Food Solutions Challenge, are committed to the science behind probiotics and their role in improving the health and wellness of the global population. Together, they will collaborate on research, including DSM’s use of Floré’s algorithms to gain insight into novel ingredients. In return, DSM will help Floré source high-quality ingredients for its products, and take advantage of DSM’s deep knowledge base and extensive business network.

Anderson Advanced Ingredients shares study

Anderson Advanced Ingredientsshared the news of a research study on FiberSMART. Its research team followed 40 healthy adults over three months to determine the tolerability of FiberSMART. The finding: The tapioca fiber was well tolerated by participants. GI symptoms did not appear to increase across escalating doses from 10 to 30 to 50 grams per serving as compared those in the placebo group. Study participants reported only mild or no symptoms at all. The results demonstrate that FiberSMART is well tolerated in healthy adults, even at levels approaching twice the recommended daily intake.

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