Atlanta, GA—Cases of respiratory syncytial (RSV) and the flu have increased in recent weeks, triggering shortages of infants’ and kids’ pain relievers and fever reducers. The Washington Post reports that supplies of pediatric formulations such as liquid acetaminophen and ibuprofen have become scarce as the flu, coronavirus and RSV have swept the nation, prompting a huge demand for the drugs that manufacturers are trying to meet. 

In response, Genexa is working to provide retailers additional supplies of clean pain-relievers. Made with the same ingredients as leading brands, Genexa is a clean-label brand, meaning its products have no artificial fillers, including dyes, artificial sweeteners, and artificial preservatives. Genexa says the lack of artificially derived inactive ingredients is helping the company stay on top of the shortage. 

“We want families to know we are here for them and have clean, effective infants’ and kids’ pain relievers and fever reducers that deliver the same, effective acetaminophen as other brands but without all the artificial inactive ingredients,” said David Johnson, Genexa CEO and Co-Founder. “We started Genexa because we wanted a clean choice for our families—and for all families—it’s just what people deserve. We’re committed to keeping shelves stocked during this time as we continue to provide widespread access to our medicines.”

Demand for Clean Medicine

Shayna Smith, M.D., Pediatrician with Flourish Pediatrics in Sandy Springs, GA, said, “Many of my patients are actively seeking out products without unnecessary artificial ingredients that are not only better suited for their lifestyles, but are thoughtfully made with situations like this in mind. I’m grateful I can recommend products like Genexa’s Infants’ and Kids’ Pain & Fever as effective, and widely available options people can turn too as other branded pain and fever medicines may become increasingly hard to find.”

Genexa offers a range of treatments, including cold and flu, analgesics, digestive, and allergy for infants, kids, and adults. To ensure transparency among ingredients used, the company created an Ex List, a “...published list of unnecessary inactive ingredients the company vows to never use in their medicine, including artificial inactive ingredients like artificial dyes, talc, sorbitol, high fructose corn syrup, propylene glycol, titanium dioxide, and common allergens like gluten and lactose.” 

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