Company Description

ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in August 2013 in Malaysia. Although the name is relatively new, ExcelVite’s history dates back to 1990 (as Carotech) when the company’s pioneering team began to commercially extract palm nutraceutical products such as tocotrienol (vitamin E) and mixed carotene from virgin red palm oil through a patented molecular distillation process.

ExcelVite is the world’s leading and largest GMP-certified integrated producer of natural full-spectrum tocotrienol complex (EVNol™), mixed carotene (EVTene™), palm phytosterol complex (EVRol™) and red palm oil concentrate (EVSpectra™). They are extracted and concentrated from sustainably sourced virgin red palm oil/palm fruits (Elaeis guineensis) in Peninsular Malaysia. These products are non-GMO, Kosher-Certified and Halal-Certified. Palm tocotrienols and carotenoids are both self-affirmed GRAS, with Letter of No Objection from FDA.

As the only GMP-certified tocotrienol manufacturer in the world, ExcelVite’s manufacturing facility in Chemor, Malaysia, has been inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012.

ExcelVite is committed to providing products and services with the highest quality. Stringent quality control is implemented throughout the process from sourcing; from quality control of raw materials; in-process controls; to final analysis of finished products using highly sophisticated and complex instruments. The high-end, state-of-the art laboratory of ExcelVite is accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 (Chemical and Microbiology) accreditation. The accreditation reflects our commitment to ensuring quality and gives customer the confidence that we operate in conformance to established standards and practices.

ExcelVite’s flagship product, EVNol SupraBio is a patented and self-emulsifying tocotrienol system that ensures consistent and improved absorption of each individual isoform of tocotrienols into the blood plasma compared to a regular tocotrienol oil extract. EVNol SupraBio has been selected and used by numerous researchers worldwide, with more than 13 published human clinical papers, including the NIH funded clinical studies on neuroprotection. Hence, EVNol SupraBio is the most bio-available and most-researched tocotrienols in the market.

ExcelVite maintains three sales and marketing offices respectively in the USA, Malaysia and Australia. These offices serve to strengthen the position of ExcelVite in the U.S. market and throughout the world and to provide the best possible service to existing clients as well as establish new opportunities for the company.

ExcelVite continues to develop, produce and market high-quality products at competitive prices, backed with comprehensive customer service and science. We are committed to finding the best opportunities for our customers and adding new capabilities that will solidify our position as the leading and largest producer of tocotrienol and palm mixed carotene in the world.

Key Market Areas

ExcelVite offers an array of full-spectrum tocotrienol and mixed carotene products ranging from concentrated oil suspension to beadlets, water-dispersible powders and emulsions for applications in the formulation of:

  •  Dietary supplements
  •  Vitamin premixes
  •  Functional food and beverages
  •  Cosmetic and personal care products
  •  Specialty nutrition for animals
  •  Pharmaceuticals

Major Products.

ExcelVite’s Branded Products are:

  •  EVNol™: Natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex (oil suspension)
  •  EVNol SupraBio™: Patented and bio-enhanced natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex (bioenhanced liquid suspension)
  •  EVNolMax™: Water-dispersible natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex (powder)
  •  Tocobeads®: DC-grade natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex (beadlets)
  •  EVTene™: Natural mixed carotenoids complex (oil concentrate)
  •  EVTeneSol™: Cold water-dispersible natural mixed carotenoids complex (powder)
  •  EVSpectra™: Natural Red Palm Oil Concentrate
  •  Alphabeads®: DC-grade natural mixed carotenoids complex (beadlets)
  •  EVRol™: Natural phytosterol complex (powder)

What’s New?

ExcelVite pledges its support to consumers’ right to know whether the product they consume contains GMO, and we also understand the immediate need of product manufacturers in sourcing for non-GMO ingredients. While oil palm trees and palm oil from Malaysia are non-GMO, ExcelVite has taken the additional step to ensure our range of ingredients are Non-GMO Verified by the Non-GMO Project, in an effort to provide transparency and to support customers that must comply with non-GMO product labeling.

ExcelVite is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and subscribed to its criteria for sustainability.

Even with the significant body of science, ExcelVite is committed to the continuous research of tocotrienols via human clinical trials and works closely with many research centers and universities globally to discover new unique health benefits of EVNol SupaBioas well as supporting customers with additional scientifically-substantiated health benefits.

ExcelVite Inc.
21 Balmoral Ct.
Edison, NJ 08817
Tel.: +1(732)906-1901
Fax: +1(732)909-2127
Year Founded: 2014 (Carotech Inc.: 1999–2013)

Key Personnel
WH Leong, CEO
Bryan See, Regional Product Manager




Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2015