Earth Day is on the way, and companies are speaking out about actions that they are taking and actions that need to be taken. Check in regularly--we'll be updating this as more companies let us know what they're doing to highlight the importance of our planet, and what they're doing to celebrate it.

Ugliesis bringing attention to ugly food, having upcycled more than 5 million lbs. of potatoes into potato chips since 2017. The company facilitated a community food drive to offload more than 40,000 lbs. of potatoes to their local community in Berks County, PA, last year when restaurants closed and farmers needed to find homes for unwanted crops. Dwight Zimmerman, VP of Sales & marketing, said in a press release: “We recognize our position in the movement to reduce food waste. We understand the predicament farmers are facing when imperfect, yet perfectly edible crops are being discarded as waste and we are here to help.”

Lycoredis asking wellness and beauty industry professionals to write love letters to the earth--on very special paper. Committed to reducing waste from the tomatoes the company harvests, it has sent stakeholders kits containing cards embedded with tomato seeds. The recipients are intended to write messages of thanks and love on the cards, and then bury the cards using the included biodegradable trowel, so that the cards will grow into "living love letters." Lycored is also starting a new live stream from its tomato farm, now offering a "playing in the dirt" perspective that allows viewers to follow planting and growth from seed to sprout. Lycored's VP of Brand & Marketing, Zev Ziegler, said in a press release: “All of us owe a huge debt of gratitude to the earth, and especially so if we work in the nutrition, beauty and food industries. We hope these living love letters serve as reminder of the importance of honoring all things green, great and growing. Most importantly, we hope they will inspire action. However much companies are already doing, they can always go a step further to work in harmony with nature.”

Future Food Institute andFAO(the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) have joined together with 100 voices from around the world to create a 24-hour digital marathon that will cross the planet, highlighting sustainable food system best practices."The second edition of Food for Earth Day represents a unique opportunity to share knowledge and expertise on food systems and their impacts from a social, cultural, environmental, institutional, and economic point of view. A basis for rethinking food systems and making them more sustainable,” said Sara Roversi, Founder and President of the Future Food Institute in a press release. “To achieve this, we need systemic thinking, multi-stakeholder platforms, and multidisciplinary profiles. In this sense, the marathon represents a unique example of both extraordinary content, which will be collected in a book, and the power of public-private partnerships to contribute to new, circular and regenerative practices."

Kamut Internationalis calling for the use of regenerative agriculture, pointing to its ability to actively undo the effects of pollution and climate change. In a press release, Founder Bob Quinn stated: “Organic systems are diverse, and by definition they are designed for resilience and adaptation to different conditions.” Kamut brand Khorasan wheat, specifically, is resistant to drier conditions, making it well-suited to meeting nutritional needs even in the current climate.

Organic Valley,too, is practicing regenerative agriculture, using 189,000 pasture acres to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and keeping more than 440 million pounds of synthetic chemicals out of the earth. Organic Valley’s corporate headquarters is 100% renewably powered, and the business is halfway to becoming carbon neutral.

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Graeter’s Ice Creamis celebrating sustainability by dishing out free scoops of Black Cherry Chocolate Chip and Cookies and Cream from its Perfect Indulgence line of animal-free dairy frozen desserts, according to a press release. Fans can get their scoop on April 22 at all Graeter’s Scoop Shops. Cincinnati-area stores will also be offering free packets of assorted flower seeds, in support of the Cincinnati Nature Center.

As of Earth Day 2021, allDanone Volvicwater sold in the U.S. will now come in 100% rPET bottles, committing to reduce the amount of new plastic used to zero by 2021.