Washington, D.C.New findings from the Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) suggest consumers interest in sustainability and plant-based continues to grow, and impacts their decisions and actions. The annual consumer research program report shows that in addition to interest in plant-based products, consumers are more favorable towards companies, farmers, and policymakers who are involved in sustainable initiatives.

Consumers' Plant-Based Interests:

  • Nearly nine in 10 consumers reported interest in purchasing a plant-based product in the future
  • 71% of consumers said they consider plant-based packaging when shopping (up from 65% in 2021)
  • 61% said they would be more interested in a company if they were using products made from plants
  • 69% said they favor farmers and those in the agriculture industry who make it possible to produce products and materials made from plants
  • 85% were interested in purchasing plant-based personal care products 
“This year’s consumer research findings really underscore that the majority of American consumers are thinking about, buying, and using plant-based products,” said PBPC Executive Director Jessica Bowman, in a press release. “Awareness has been one of our biggest hurdles as an industry—this year’s findings show that we are overcoming that. We expect consumers’ growing demand to continue and PBPC is focused on ensuring our state and federal-level policies allow the plant-based products industry to tap into its full potential and meet that demand.”

Brett Featherston, global vice president of sales of PBPC member Evanesce, added, “The majority of consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. They expect businesses to offer sustainable alternatives to products that are well-known to be harmful to the environment—and in many cases are willing to pay more for that sustainable product. At Evanesce, we are proud to offer locally made compostable service ware and packaging that makes it easy and affordable to be eco-friendly.”

Sustainability Concerns & Consumer Actions:

Recyclability, composability, and the environment are consumers' top reasons for purchasing a plant-based product, the 2022 study found. PBPC added that, as major legislation like the Farm Bill and the 2022 midterms approach,66% of consumers said they are more likely to vote for a candidate who has shown support for sustainability initiatives around energy, agriculture, waste, alternatives to plastic, clean air, clean water, and/or the environment.

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