Elgin, IL—Amano Enzyme has introduced Protein Glutaminase “Amano” 500 (PGA 500), a protein glutaminase that improves the solubility of proteins at low pH levels, according to their press release.

Ken Iritani, vice president, technical services, said “we expect this enzyme to be a breakthrough development for beverage companies wishing to develop fruity protein shakes, as well as other products for the thriving protein market.”

The problem, he explains, is that “when proteins are added to low pH formulations, they precipitate, limiting flavor masking and formulation options.” PGA 500, he says, converts glutamine residues in protein into glutamic acid, increasing solubility at levels as low as 5.0 pH.

Iritani says that it works especially well for pea protein, although it works for all proteins.

Amano Enzyme was founded in 1899. It supplies high-quality microbial enzymes to the food, dietary supplement, and regenerative medicine industries.