Lycoredis encouraging beauty and wellness industry members to reflect on the wonders of water by contemplating the beauty of everyday puddles and create eye-catching pictures of water.

Lycored shared news that the has company partnered with thePothole Gardener—a project that creates gardens in puddles as a respite from grey, blah days. Kicking off the initiative on Earth Day, Lycored transformed puddles across London into miniature beach scenes. The happy goal: to remind passers-by that beauty exists in the most unlikely places.

To spread the cheer, Lycored launched a custom Instagram filterthat allows users to photograph a puddle or body of water and transform it into a beach scene by adding an image of a lighthouse.

“We wanted to do something to help people connect with nature without going too far from home," said Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand and Marketing, Health at Lycored. "Encouraging them to have a moment of mindfulness by reflecting on the beauty of the humble springtime puddle was the perfect solution. We hope our colleagues and friends across the industry will take a moment to contemplate their connection to the earth, and the amazing life-giving power of the water cycle.”

Beyond sharing pretty images of water, Lycored has taken steps to increase thesustainabilityof its operations by reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and ensuring that as much as possible of the water it uses in production is recycled.
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