Warsaw, IN—Egg Innovations announced that the company is continuing the sustainable and ethical production of eggs on its 1,000 acres of farmland by investing in regenerative farming practices. The focus, according to a company release, is on regenerative shell egg farming to foster a symbiotic relationship between chickens and the environment.

“Regenerative agriculture, at its core, aims to combat climate change and improve the ecosystem of the planet,” said John Brunnquell, Ph.D., President and CEO of Egg Innovations. “Sustainable farming practices have always been in Egg Innovations’ DNA, but with the growing concern around climate change, the timing is right to raise the bar and be a part of the solution through innovation.”

The company says it promotes higher biodiversity, works to eliminate synthetics, constructs multi-tier vegetation on pastures, and utilizes ground covers on its farms. Farmers utilize technology that measures higher levels of critical organic soil matter, minerals, and microorganism diversity—ingredients for healthier farm ecosystem, and planet. The company says it also measures carbon capture and its effects on supporting natural chicken behaviors and overall hen health.

Dr. Brunnquell added that the company's advances in regenerative agriculture are "much more than just policies and technical procedures. We’re making a commitment to this because we believe in it, and we think it’s the right thing to do. It reinforces our company’s culture, values and identity."
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