Steve Lankford discusses women's health with Dr. Marita Schauch.

Florida-based Tunies Natural Grocery & Vitamin Market is opening up a new location in Fort...

Just the mere mention of genetically engineered (GE) foods and genetically modified organisms (...

What goes into a great Garam Masala?

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Maintaining our health and protecting our planet promote longevity and environmental sustenance...

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Washington, D.C.—A new campaign to fight deceptive weight-loss...

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Redmond, WA—Natural products retailer VitaminLife, with a 4,000-ft2...

“The teachings of this book can save the lives of millions worldwide,” I stated on...

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Steve Lankford discusses women's health with Dr. Marita Schauch.

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What is dietary fiber?
Dietary fiber can generally be described as that portion of food that is not digested in the human small intestine. It passes into the large intestine where it is partially or fully fermented.

Some call it scrappy. Others call it realistic. I call it being resourceful. As a boutique agency with a carefully curated client list, we’ve always been resourceful; we have to be.