Three dietary supplements industry surveys have now reinforced the importance of branded ingredients.

The 2020 Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplementspointed to the trend: Surveying 1,471 adults who use supplements (and an additional 535 who didn’t), CRN found that supplement users prefer branded ingredients twice as much as generic ingredients, regarding them as important purchasing factors.

CRN’s 2021 surveyfound the same—and added a little more detail: 77% of those 18-34 and 74% of those 35-54 are more likely to have confidence in supplements with branded ingredients than those with generic ones. Plus, the survey found that 63% of supplement users are willing to pay a higher price when it comes to supplements with branded ingredients, and agree that supplements made with branded ingredients can cost more due to quality and effectiveness.

The Ingredient Transparency Center (ITC) surveyed 1,000 U.S. supplement users between April and June of 2021 for its 2021 Consumer Supplements Survey,which was segmented between users for brain health, antioxidants, and immune products. These results, too, revealed that supplement users are positively influenced by branded ingredients when making purchasing decisions: Cognitive health supplement users were encouraged to take supplements more frequently if the products featured branded ingredients identified on the label (57%) or in marketing materials (53%), and 49% antioxidant supplement users’ purchasing decisions are significantly impacted by branded ingredients.

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This trust factor makes it worth it for companies to put in the investment—and that investment reinforces the trust. Karen Todd, MBA, RD, VP of Global Brand Marketing at Kyowa Hakko USA, said in a press release on the topic: “Our unique processes, alongside our science, quality and safety have allowed us to deliver ingredients you can consistently count on. Not only are our ingredients clinically studied, but we also have self-affirmed GRAS and Novel Food status for many of our ingredients, making them safe to use in multiple delivery formats, a must for today's manufacturers and consumer. These latest results reinforce our commitment to researching and developing branded ingredients of the highest quality. Receiving new data on how branded ingredients do, in fact, play a considerable role in positively influencing consumer purchasing habits, and their overall confidence in a finished supplement product, only further validates that our mission to provide health solutions through researched-backed ingredients is being increasingly well-received by consumers.”

Kyowa Hakko offers branded ingredients including Setria Glutathione, Cognizin Citicoline, IMMUSE, and more.