Smoked Pulled Pork recipe courtesy ofCaboose Spices & Company



2 quarts water (hot water will help the sugar and salt dissolve)

¼ cup kosher salt

½ cup brown sugar

1 tablespoon rosemary or dried herbs

4-5 lb pork butt roast (pork shoulder)

Old No. 1 Universal BBQ Rub

Pecan, apple or cherry wood chips or pellets


  • Mix water, salt, sugar and herbs in large container. Immerse roast and refrigerate overnight.
  • Remove roast from brine and start your smoker. Rub Old No. 1 all over roast. Smoke the roast for 3 hours.
  • Preheat your oven or smoker to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Wrap roast tightly with foil and place on baking sheet or roasting pan. Roast for 5 hours (or 1 hour per lb.)
  • When roast is done, remove from oven and let stand 15 minutes. Unwrap, and using two forks, shred the pork. Add more Old No. 1 and your favorite BBQ Sauce. Enjoy!

Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 6/30/2016