Vancouver, WA—OptiMSM reduces visual signs of aging, confirms a new study published in theInternational Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research.

The researchers used a two-part study. Part I was a double-blinded pilot study, in which 11 participants consumed three 1000mg capsules of OptiMSM per day and 9 used a placebo. The second part of the study was intended to determine the dosage: 31 people took 3g of OptiMSM per day, and 32 participants took 1g per day. Each part of the study took place over the course of four months.

Following Part I, participants on OptiMSM saw a significant improvement in skin texture when compared to those on placebo. Following Part II, both objective assessment and personal assessment by the participants found that the lower concentration appeared to exert a stronger effect than the higher concentration.
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A press release on the topic quotes co-author Neelam Muizzuddin, Ph.D.: “This research was very fascinating to me because the bulk of my experience has been in topical skincare solutions. Examining the ‘beauty-from-within’ approach has me converted to believing it is a better way of improving beauty because it helps improve the whole body. You fall short by focusing on topicals, as they only address the skin.

“What surprised me about the results was how effective the product was in reducing wrinkles, which is the most important element because everyone is so concerned about them,” continued Dr. Muizzuddin. “Even the visual pictures showed promising change. There was also some nice softening of the facial skin, but I think the reduction in wrinkles is the most important part of this study.”