Beer Sheva, Israel, and New York City, NY—Lycored has teamed up with Craig Burrows, a photographer recently featured in National Geographic, to photograph the golden tomatoes that power Lycored’s Lycomato ingredient, according to a press release.

Burrows was featured for using an ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence technique to capture the hidden beauty of flowers, the release says—a technique which, when applied to Lycored’s golden tomatoes, revealed the invisible glow naturally created by two rare carotenoids.

Phytoene and phytofluene are rare in our foods, but, according to the press release, have been shown to improve skin appearance. Virtually colorless, Lycored has created detection methods that reveal and extract them to ensure their quality and presence in the company’s products.

Burrows said in the release: “I was intrigued by the request to photograph golden tomatoes because of the fluorescence of phytoene and phytofluene, which are often-overlooked and ‘invisible’ carotenoids. I picked my favorites for the shoot—one with tiny and bright speckles, one with some mesmerizing patterns, and one which showed both red and yellow pigmentation in the skin. I’m pleased with how the shoot turned out. A lot of the time I am photographing for discovery and the hidden beauty of the subject, but this time I knew what I was looking for and found it.”

In another initiative designed to display inner beauty, Lycored and Operation Respect partnered with The Heritage School in East Harlem to launch “Show Your True Colors,” a program designed to create awareness surrounding the importance of kindness to ourselves and others.

Students at The Heritage School created t-shirts with custom designs that represent their emotions and personality, according to a second press release. The colors represent each individual’s journey, talents, and traits.

Lycored invited students to take a pledge to look at how everyone is different and unique: Show Your True Colors is Lycored’s way of encouraging individuals to be themselves and to stand up for what they believe in. When the students least expect it, Lycored will send them postcards to remind them of their personal pledge.

The release notes that this program supports Lycored’s multi-layer educational initiative designed to spread the word on the role natural colorants play in promoting wellness. The program identifies the relationship between our inner colors and the bright natural colors we consume on a daily basis through a healthy diet.

John McKenna, Executive Director of Operation Respect, said in the release: “Partnerships are ideal when you have shared values. Operation Respect and Lycored are completely in sync in advancing peace building, self-respect and empathy. We look forward to further engagements with Lycored at inner city schools such as The Heritage School and we look forward to bridging our missions to advance the wellbeing of children and youth all over the country.”