New York, NY—The natural food preservatives market is expected to surpass a CAGR of 5% by the end of 2028 due to an increase in consumer concern about chemical-based food preservatives, according to a press release regarding findings by Persistence Market Research.

The release says that fast-track lifestyles and urbanization have given rise to a strong proclivity for ready-to-eat food products with a long shelf-life, but consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals used as preservatives, giving rise to stronger governmental regulations on synthetic food preservatives in several countries. All of this will contribute to the growth of the natural food preservative industry.

The release also notes that the elevated price of natural food preservatives and the expensive manufacturing costs of natural food preservatives means future growth prospects in this industry might be restricted. It also contends that previous plant-based preservatives are becoming obsolete. The price fluctuations of plants, vegetables, and fruits have an impact on the natural food preservatives market, which could also restrict its growth.

The full report is available for purchasehere.