Rockville, MD—Packaged Facts predicted four key trends for the U.S. food market in 2019 ina press release,looking at “disruptive innovation” that will spur growth.

The top trend, according to the press release, will be local products, particularly salads. Locally grown produce is by nature fresher and has a smaller carbon footprint, thanks to a shorter travel time. Lettuce, specifically, is mostly grown in California and Arizona, meaning much of the country gets their lettuce less-than-fresh. Local foods also tend to be grown indoors, saving water and avoiding pesticides and herbicides.

Authenticity is trend number two: frozen meals created by a real chef in a real kitchen. The press release cites Frontera Foods, whose frozen Mexican-inspired bowls and skillet meals are created by chef Rick Bayless.

The third trend is new players, who, according to the press release, will break new ground and force everybody else to play catch-up. Ice cream, for instance, had to follow in the steps of Halo Top, a small ice cream company that nevertheless exploded with their offerings of high-protein, low-calorie ice cream.

The final trend is gut health. Kefir, kombucha, kimchi, and yogurt are all growing ever more popular, and other sectors are catching on. The press release points to Kellogg’s Hi! Happy Inside cereal that contains probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber, a sign that consumers are looking for more ways to incorporate digestive health into their diet.

The report can be foundhere.