Haddonfield, NJ—Reviva Labs and Palko Services are making it easy for retailers to learn about new products—and score special promotions in the process. The two family-oriented organizations, which have done business together for nearly five decades, share similar core values and pride themselves on offering top-level customer service. During the pandemic, they debuted their first One-on-One Virtual Tradeshow. The program was a success, so Reviva and Palko are bringing it back. Their second virtual show collaboration occurs on August 17 and 18.

“Our one-on-one show offers a quick, intimate discussion with Reviva’s team direct with retailers supported by Palko,” said Bill Levins, President, Reviva Labs.

The virtual show utilizes Zoom to connect Palko, Reviva, and retailers. Retailers can ask questions during the 15-minute discussion about updated or newly launched Reviva product. And in appreciation of booking an appointment and attending, retailers get special show-based promotional offers. 

Retailers can book an appointmenthere or by contacting their Palko Services sales representative. 

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