New Port Richey, FL--As the 63rd anniversary of SENPA ends, and with the 50th anniversary on the horizon for SOHO Expo, SENPA announced that the brand, from its website and logos to SOHO events (including educational seminars around the country and two trade shows--SOHO Expo and Healthfest) is now evolving.

In a press release, SENPA noted that the association continues to support independent retailers and manufactures of the natural product industry, and also strives to be the main resource for its members. Looking at the big picture, SENPA President Lester Burks of Buried Treasure said, “Since the inception of the organization, SENPA wanted to be recognized for its support of the natural products industry as a resource and strong belief in creating a community among independent retailers and the suppliers who serve them. Valuing the importance of what it means to connect with the membership on a personal level, SENPA aims to help foster growth and change.” 

As part of its evolution, SENPA worked with Christie & Co. to reestablish some of its core values and bring new life to the SENPA image and SOHO Events, according to a press release. "We didn’t want to create individual aspects, but instead create an inclusive symbol to be used for all events and productions of SENPA,” said Ryan Sensenbrenner of Enzymedica Inc. and Communication Chair for SENPA. “The image you see is of four individuals holding hands, which symbolizes the sense of community that SENPA represents. This concept can be seen throughout the revised logo which helps unify and identify the SENPA brand.“

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Debra Short, SENPA Executive Director, added, “As an advocate, the association

The SENPA ethos message: “Nourishing the Human Connection”

understands that it is often the mouthpiece for independent retailers and wants its brand to reflect that. The new SENPA logo was created to help embody the values of SENPA and continue nourishing the Human Connection."